More Dragon Age Is Coming According To Series Creative Director

There has been no offi­cial announce­ment about the next Drag­on Age game, but more hints and teas­es are com­ing from series Cre­ative Direc­tor Mike Laidlaw.

In the 1099 pod­cast (around the 57th minute mark) Laid­law teased some upcom­ing con­tent for the series. He states that “Some­thing is hap­pen­ing with Drag­on Age” he then goes on to say that the Drag­on Age team is “hir­ing a lot of peo­ple”. Laid­law does­n’t give any spe­cif­ic details. 

It would seem that Laid­law is refer­ring to the next Drag­on Age title. Typ­i­cal­ly there are 2–3 years in between each game so it would make sense that a new one would be in the works. What is usu­al­ly is that the team is only now increas­ing the size of the devel­op­ment team. If they are just now expand­ing then the game is like­ly a ways off from being completed. 

While Laid­law did­n’t have any­thing else to say about Drag­on Age, he did say this about oth­er projects.

There are other things in process but unfortunately I can’t talk about them until they are realized. I am pretty excited about a few of them. Things continue apace.”

For those inter­est­ed in behind the scene of Bioware and the pos­si­ble Jade Empire 2, Brain Laid­law full inter­view goes into fur­ther detail.

Source: The 1099 Pod­cast via Gamespot

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