It seems BioWare can’t stay away from the media these days. Bloomberg has report­ed that Elec­tron­ic Arts has decid­ed to make a major change to Drag­on Age 4. The report says devel­op­ers have been sign­ing off on remov­ing “all planned mul­ti­play­er com­po­nents” of the game, mak­ing it a sin­gle-play­er only title.

The deci­sion to cut mul­ti­play­er from Drag­on Age 4 comes from two main factors.

One was that Star Wars Jedi: Fall­en Order, also a sin­gle-play­er game, was a huge suc­cess sell­ing more than 10 mil­lion copies at launch. The oth­er fac­tor being BioWare’s mul­ti­play­er game Anthem. Which strug­gled to find an audi­ence, which is obvi­ous­ly some­thing the com­pa­ny wants to avoid with Drag­on Age 4. BioWare just recent­ly announced it had aban­doned its “Anthem Next” update to revi­tal­ize the game , instead mov­ing to oth­er projects.

EA declined to com­ment to Bloomberg about the report, and BioWare has not pub­licly acknowl­edged the change yet either.