BioWare, devel­op­er behind the much loved Dragon Age series, has con­firmed they are work­ing on Drag­on Age 4 dur­ing the Gamescom Open­ing Night Live stream. While the game is still in ear­ly stages of devel­op­ment, BioWare did give a sneak peak of what we can expect from the next Drag­on Age.

While the trail­er shown was most­ly con­cep­tu­al art, it did have a few inter­est­ing bits of infor­ma­tion sprin­kled in. One of Dragon Age: Inqui­si­tion’s char­ac­ters, Solas, appears to be return­ing to Drag­on Age 4. BioWare has already stat­ed they are focus­ing on char­ac­ters “who don’t have pow­er,” shift­ing the games typ­i­cal storytelling. 

They also men­tioned play­er choice being a big fea­ture in the game, and that Drag­on Age 4 will have new loca­tions play­ers have nev­er seen before. Beyond that, details are scarce, and it will be released into next-gen consoles.