The extreme­ly pop­u­lar Twitch stream­er, Her­schel “Guy” Beahm IV (also known as Dr Dis­re­spect) has been banned from the plat­form once again. This time, it appears to a per­ma­nent one. When the ban-ham­mer came down, many were at a loss as to why it happened.

Twit­ter users are claim­ing it’s far more seri­ous than just a DMCA vio­la­tion, espe­cial­ly con­sid­er­ing these type of vio­la­tions result in a tem­po­rary ban. Dr Dis­re­spect was banned from Twitch in 2019 when broad­cast­ed from a pub­lic restroom at E3. This result­ed in a short two week ban.

Accord­ing to esports reporter Rod Bres­lau, Beah­m’s ban was not relat­ed to a DMCA. That was the first indi­ca­tion some­thing seri­ous was going on oth­er than a sim­ple copy­right issue. Twitch already gave refunds to those who had sub­scribed to Dr Dis­re­spects chan­nel and his emotes are no longer on the site.

Bres­lau also shared a video from Dr Dis­re­spec­t’s last stream, show­ing odd behav­ior and say­ing strange things.

Twitch’s offi­cial state­ment regard­ing the mat­ter is gave no expla­na­tion whatsoever:

As is our process, we take appro­pri­ate action when we have evi­dence that a stream­er has act­ed in vio­la­tion of our Com­mu­ni­ty Guide­lines or Terms of Ser­vice. These apply to all stream­ers regard­less of sta­tus or promi­nence in the community.

Dr Dis­re­spect him­self does­n’t know the rea­son for the ban, so we may nev­er know.

Sev­er­al oth­er promi­nent stream­ers have already been removed for alleged sex­u­al abuse and harass­ment, includ­ing IamSp00n, Bless­RNG, Dread­ed­Cone and others. 

Users of the plat­form and fans of Dr Dis­re­spect have let it be know how unhap­py they are with this ban. Many have voiced aggra­va­tion that the com­pa­ny has­n’t giv­en a rea­son, while oth­ers are curi­ous as to why cer­tain stream­ers are still allowed to stream. 

One of the stream­ers men­tioned the most by peo­ple was Alin­i­ty. She’s been called out for ani­mal abuse (throw­ing her cat, giv­ing her cat vod­ka) and nudi­ty dur­ing her live streams. Both of these are ban-able offens­es, yet Twitch has­n’t laid down the ham­mer yet (and most like­ly wont).