Detroit Become Human Had A Mind Blowing Trailer

Sony’s E3 show real­ly took it up a notch when Detroit Become Human took the stage. What we say last year real­ly did­n’t pre­pare us for what they planned on show­ing us this year. 

Last year was it seemed like it was just a deci­sion mak­ing detec­tive game, loose­ly based around androids find­ing cog­ni­tive thought. Well, I’m glad I was wrong, because I think this year pret­ty much sent every­one for a loop when they saw what was actu­al­ly hap­pen­ing. This game is more of an android revolution…

It is indeed a deci­sion mak­ing game, but not only do the deci­sions you make affect that moment, but they will end up affect­ing the entire world. Choice wise­ly. They also showed us a lit­tle more than just a rooftop scene this year. We got to see a android by the name of Mar­cus attempt to break his “peo­ple” (oth­er androids) out of what is basi­cal­ly an android store. You can see it all, below:


No gen­er­al time was giv­en for Detroit Become Human’s release, but let us all hope it is soon. 

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