Destiny’s Upcoming February Update Fixing Crucible Issues

The team over at Bungie has recent­ly announced an upcom­ing update. Actu­al­ly, it’s Hot­fix, and should be fix­ing a lot of the bal­anc­ing prob­lems with Crucible. 

This update has been need­ed since the game launched years ago, con­sid­er­ing the very bro­ken meta that is the Cru­cible. Bungie did not give any patch note details, but did share some of what they have been work­ing on. Their senior design­er, Josh Ham­rick, gave a state­ment regard­ing progress the Cru­cible team is making:

Sand­box and Cru­cible design­ers have been inves­ti­gat­ing and updat­ing the com­pet­i­tive ecosys­tem, and I am proud to say that we are get­ting very close. Through exper­i­men­ta­tion and near dai­ly bat­tles to the (dig­i­tal) death, we have begun to home in on a set of changes that we believe fresh­ens things up.”

He also list­ed five “goals” which he said was the “fair­ly vague mys­te­ri­ous overview”:

  1. Pro­mote alter­na­tives and coun­ters to Shotguns
  2. Align poten­cy of Pri­ma­ry Weapons with sur­gi­cal changes
  3. File down a cou­ple of issues from each class
  4. Fix some issues with a sam­pler plat­ter of Exotics
  5. Sup­port­ing adjust­ments to Spe­cial Ammunition

Ham­rick knows this list does­n’t appeal to play­ers, because it gives no detail into any actu­al changes for the cru­cible. He commented: 

We real­ize you thirst for facts and details. I hope that these snip­pets of infor­ma­tion will at least tide you over until we can tell you more…”


This update is sup­posed to arrive some­time in mid-Feb­ru­ary, so more details should be just around the cor­ner. Bungie could always push that time fur­ther down the road if they feel they need to. Let’s hope not, because the Cru­cible real­ly needs some tweaks. I am also very hap­py to see those shot­guns get­ting some sort of counter.

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