Destiny’s Iron Banner is Coming Next Week: Check out the Loot

Iron Ban­ner is com­ing back again this month, start­ing right at the end and com­ing into the begin­ning of March. There is some new loot to pos­si­bly obtain dur­ing the week long event. This is the first Iron Ban­ner event since the big Hot­fix 

Iron Ban­ner will be run­ning from Feb­ru­ary 28th, 10 a.m. PST to March 7th, 1 a.m. PST. The game mode is Suprema­cy. For this Iron Ban­ner the two weapons you can pos­si­bly get to drop, are a sniper rifle and a hand can­non. No names of course, but you can see them below:

Destiny's Iron Banner is Coming Next Week: Check out the Loot

Destiny's Iron Banner is Coming Next Week: Check out the Loot

The armor for the Hunter, Titan, and the War­lock con­sists of a hel­met and a pair of boots:


Destiny's Iron Banner is Coming Next Week: Check out the Loot


Destiny's Iron Banner is Coming Next Week: Check out the Loot


Destiny's Iron Banner is Coming Next Week: Check out the Loot

Some changes were also men­tioned as being in test­ing, since it seems the team felt the lat­est hot­fix actu­al­ly broke more than it fixed. They men­tioned some of what they were work­ing on, which I have list­ed below:

1.     Sidearms: In a not-entire­ly-shock­ing devel­op­ment, the Sidearm meta has grown strong. With its innate abil­i­ty to not only keep ammo through death, but to also actu­al­ly store it away, Scrooge McDuck style, it’s the ulti­mate gift for any­one who’s always run­ning out. For now. We are cur­rent­ly work­ing on a change that would allow Sidearms to con­tin­ue to spawn with a small set amount of ammo post-death, but keep them from stack­ing any­thing extra. They’ll be handy if you run into resis­tance on your way to the ammo crate, but to keep your Sidearm usage high, you’ll still need to stock up often.
2.     Mem­o­ry of Sko­r­ri: This Arti­fact has led to some of the great­est dance par­ties I’ve ever attend­ed in Des­tiny. That being said, aside from encour­ag­ing these sort of team build­ing events, the arti­fact itself tends to inspire a more lack­adaisi­cal approach to game­play. Instead of con­tin­u­ing to encour­age you to hur­ry up and wait on a Super, we are look­ing at mod­i­fy­ing Sko­r­ri to moti­vate some activ­i­ty. The change cur­rent­ly in test­ing requires a kill to jump­start Skorri’s unique abil­i­ty for the next minute. Once it times out, you’ll need anoth­er kill to jump­start it again. We believe you won’t have any prob­lems killing one ene­my every 60 sec­onds for max­i­mum uptime in PVE, but Tri­als may offer a greater challenge.
3.    Truth: While I think Truth’s strength is its unique abil­i­ty to find its tar­get, clear­ly hav­ing more rock­ets is always bet­ter and los­ing a loaded rock­et is — under­stand­ably — a heavy loss to many play­ers. To make this a lit­tle bit eas­i­er to deal with, we are look­ing into adding one addi­tion­al rock­et into your back­pack AND bump­ing Truth to the max Rock­et Launch­er reload speed. 
4.     No Land Beyond: Much like the recent rise of Sidearms, NLB is show­ing up more and more. Ulti­mate­ly, we would nev­er want to destroy NLB’s Exotic­ness, mean­ing we would nev­er move it from the Pri­ma­ry slot or change it from being a Sniper. On the con­trary, we’ve found a poten­tial workaround for mak­ing NLB flinch like the Sniper Rifle it is. This one will require a good amount of test­ing, but we think it’s a good change. Keep your shoot­ing clean and you’ll still pop heads like noth­ing ever changed… But falling behind in a head-to-head pri­ma­ry fight will like­ly be a death sentence.
5.     Blink: As you know, we’ve nerfed Blink a few times over the years. While we’re hap­py with the lat­est changes, we believe that the stack of nerfs has grown too high. To counter this, we are look­ing into remov­ing the old Recov­ery nerf entire­ly. Addi­tion­al­ly, we’re look­ing at pulling back the time that you’re HUD­less by just a bit.
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