Destiny’s Final Update

Bungie recent­ly announced a few details on Des­tiny 2, as well as Age of Tri­umph, the final live event for Des­tiny.  For Des­tiny 2, they’ve announced that char­ac­ters will car­ry over if they’ve fin­ished the sto­ry and are lev­el 20; their gear will not.

Lit­tle was actu­al­ly said about Age of Tri­umph except that it will be a “fun and mem­o­rable cel­e­bra­tion that will bring the first major chap­ter of our Des­tiny adven­tures to a fit­ting close.”

In clas­sic hype man­age­ment style, how­ev­er, exact­ly what that means will be strung out over sev­er­al livestreams through­out this month.  So check back for details!

They did say the update would be com­ing at the end of this month, so it isn’t a ter­ri­bly long wait.  Hope­ful­ly for fans this will be a sol­id enough con­tent pack­age to dri­ve them through the summer.

In Meta:  Besides diehard fans, I don’t think any­one real­ly plays Des­tiny any­more.  The game is three years old; why are they still teas­ing their audi­ence?  Also, I expect we’ll be see­ing Des­tiny 2 at E3 this year.

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