Destiny 2 Update Brings Armor Masterworks & Plenty of Changes

Bungie has final­ly released an update that means real change for Des­tiny 2. The stu­dio stat­ed it was going to make some big improve­ments back in Decem­ber. This update now makes Armor Mas­ter­works avail­able for all play­ers, although get­ting them requires a bit of RNG luck. 

Des­tiny 2 has also brought back Iron Ban­ner this week. After a long away time, due to play­ers who did­n’t have the Curse of the Osiris DLC not being able to access it or Fac­tion Ral­ly events. Iron Ban­ner’s mode is Con­trol, see the rewards below:

Destiny 2 Update Brings Armor Masterworks & Plenty of Changes

Full details on Update 1.1.2, below:

Armor Masterworks

  • Leg­endary Armor now has a chance to drop as a Masterwork
  • Any non-Mas­ter­work armor may be upgrad­ed to Mas­ter­work for five Mas­ter­work Cores and 20 Leg­endary Shards 
    • Upgrad­ing to Mas­ter­work may rework the stat of the armor
  • Mas­ter­work armor grants 3% dam­age resis­tance while play­ers are in a Super state for each Mas­ter­work armor piece equipped
  • Mas­ter­work armor can have a dif­fer­ent stat pack­age (Heavy, Light, or Restora­tive) from the base armor piece 
    • Play­ers may rework Mas­ter­work armor to ran­dom­ly assign one of the three base pack­ages to the armor, allow­ing play­ers to reroll the stat pack­ages on their armor piece by piece
  • Rework­ing Mas­ter­work armor requires one Mas­ter­work Core and 10 Leg­endary Shards
  • Like weapons, armor Mas­ter­works have a high­er drop rate from Tri­als of the Nine and raid activities


  • Bene­dict 99–40 now has a rotat­ing stock of armor and weapons avail­able each week 
    • To unlock these items for pur­chase, play­ers must com­plete the cor­re­spond­ing activ­i­ty that week 
  • Raid encoun­ters drop at least one armor or weapon item 
    • Note: The Castel­lum and Reac­tor Escape encoun­ters each drop one Leg­endary engram per week
  • Com­plet­ing a Pres­tige ver­sion of a raid encounter pri­or to nor­mal dif­fi­cul­ty will drop both Pres­tige and nor­mal rewards while also lock­ing the week­ly rewards for each activity
  • The last encounter of raid activ­i­ties has a chance to drop a new Exot­ic Ghost, exclu­sive to the Leviathan
  • Raid armor has unique mods that only func­tion with­in the Leviathan 
    • Raid mods can be swapped at will for the cost of one raid token
    • Exist­ing raid armor already held in inven­to­ry will auto­mat­i­cal­ly have the option to equip mods
  • All raid encoun­ters now have a chance to grant an Exot­ic reward


  • Prometheus Lens
    • Flame Refrac­tion perk now gen­er­ates ammo instead of pulling from reserves
    • Increased base damage
  • Lucky Pants
    • Fixed an issue where the Ille­gal­ly Mod­ded Hol­ster perk could pro­vide infi­nite ammo
  • Ophideans Aspects
    • Fixed an issue where the Cobra Totemic perk did not func­tion prop­er­ly when using weapons with the Quick­draw perk
  • I Am Alive 
    • Revised perks on the Eater of Worlds Grenade Launch­er to include a sec­ond trait perk: Mov­ing Target
    • Removed the Aug­ment­ed Drum and High-Veloc­i­ty Rounds perks
  • Fixed an issue where grenade pro­jec­tiles could remain indef­i­nite­ly after being hit by Telesto in the Crucible


  • Fixed an issue where warp gates did not always func­tion when play­ers were com­plet­ing Hero­ic Mer­cury adventures
  • Revised the descrip­tion for the Hero­ic adven­ture “De-Pow­ered” mod­i­fi­er to cor­rect­ly state that grenade dam­age is decreased when the mod­i­fi­er is active
  • Revised the descrip­tion of Hero­ic Mer­cury adven­tures to prop­er­ly state availability 
    • Play­ers may play up to three Hero­ic Mer­cury adven­tures on a giv­en day
    • Each Hero­ic adven­ture may be played once per twice-week­ly reset
  • Hero­ic adven­tures are no longer auto­mat­i­cal­ly select­ed at week­ly reset
  • Mer­cury chal­lenges are now avail­able dur­ing adventures
  • Fixed an issue where new char­ac­ters cre­at­ed after the release of Curse of Osiris were not receiv­ing the Flash­point milestone
  • Fixed an issue where scannables for Fac­tion Ral­lies were not prop­er­ly appear­ing dur­ing Fac­tion Ral­lies events
  • Tri­als of the Nine now prop­er­ly shows require­ments when the fea­tured map requires Curse of Osiris ownership
  • Revised the Lost Sec­tor reward throt­tle from 10 min­utes to 5 minutes
  • Fixed an issue where play­ers could no longer progress dur­ing the final encounter in the Tree of Prob­a­bil­i­ties Strike


  • Fixed an issue where Iko­ra would dis­play a way­point in error
  • Play­ers in social spaces receive a noti­fi­ca­tion when their Post­mas­ter Lost and Found is full
  • Chest way­points now prop­er­ly appear when using Scout Reports on Mercury
  • Col­or­blind set­tings now apply to ele­ments of the Gaunt­let encounter of the “Leviathan” raid
  • Armor offered by Broth­er Vance now dis­plays mod slots when pre­viewed in the ven­dor inventory
  • Fixed an issue where play­ers would see incor­rect lev­el-up UI when lev­el­ing up alter­nate char­ac­ters from lev­els 21 through 25
  • Auto Rifles now cor­rect­ly dis­play perks when play­ers are pre­view­ing weapons with­in the Vault
  • Adjust­ed the dis­play order of gear sock­ets (mods, shaders, etc.) in the Item Details screen to be more consistent
  • Increased the dis­man­tle timer for Mas­ter­work Cores
  • Mas­ter­work Weapons and Armor now dis­play a gold bor­der when being viewed in the Post­mas­ter Lost and Found
  • Cru­cible play­ers will be prop­er­ly noti­fied when Pow­er Ammo is acquired from the Cave area of Radi­ant Cliffs 


  • Reduced the amount of XP required to earn an Illu­mi­nat­ed Engram from 160k to 120k
  • The Cross­roads emblem cor­rect­ly dis­plays with­in Col­lec­tions for play­ers who have earned the emblem
  • Char­ac­ter mod­els no longer flinch when spawn­ing in to social spaces with spawn effects equipped
  • Updat­ed the names of spawn effects to prop­er­ly reflect their in-game appearance 
    • Gold Spot­light Effect is now the Yel­low Spot­light Effect
    • Blue Class Sig­il Effect is now the Pur­ple Class Sig­il Effect
  • The New Monar­chy hel­met orna­ment icon now dis­plays the cor­rect helmet
  • The New Monar­chy cloak now dis­plays the cor­rect imagery for female Hunters
  • Fixed an issue where the Future War Cult gauntlets would dis­play float­ing geometry
  • Gun­smith engrams cor­rect­ly grant weapon foundry shaders once again
  • Fixed an issue where Three of Coins was not increas­ing chances for Exot­ic rewards when play­ers were com­plet­ing pub­lic events on Mercury
  • Hero­ic strike com­ple­tions now have a greater chance of grant­i­ng Exot­ic rewards
  • Fixed an issue where Curse of Osiris strikes were not prop­er­ly grant­i­ng Clan engrams when fea­tured as a Night­fall activity
  • Arcite-99 will now offer Gun­smith Engrams to play­ers who have reached lev­el 20 but have not yet com­plet­ed the Red War campaign


  • Gleam­ing Boon of the Van­guard price reduced from 350 to 250 Bright Dust
  • Gleam­ing Boon of the Cru­cible price reduced from 750 to 600 Bright Dust
  • Fixed an issue where Chal­lenges were not appear­ing with­in Quickplay
  • Fixed an issue where Mas­ter­work Cores and Mod Com­po­nents were not being for­ward­ed to the Post­mas­ter Lost and Found
  • Fixed an issue where Des­tiny 2 could crash when play­ers were chang­ing emotes quickly
  • Fixed an issue where play­ers could not inter­act with ven­dors after fast-trav­el­ing to a social space
  • Fixed an issue where the belt on Lucky Rasp­ber­ry was not prop­er­ly attached to the char­ac­ter model
  • Fixed an issue where some Spar­row con­trails could obstruct play­er view
  • Fixed an issue where the Get Up and Sneaky emotes could not be in the play­er inven­to­ry at the same time
  • Cayde now prop­er­ly acknowl­edges play­er accom­plish­ments dur­ing Mer­cury Flash­point weeks when grant­i­ng the Flash­point engram, rather than ask­ing the play­er about the weath­er on Io
  • Fixed an issue where Zavala would dis­play the wrong text when grant­i­ng play­ers rewards from the Hero­ic Strike milestone

Source: Bungie

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