Destiny 2 Has Nightfall Issues, Bungie Says Its Fixed.

Des­tiny 2 is just about to enter its sec­ond week of  life, Week 1 went pret­ty smooth­ly until we went to do the Night­fall. For those who haven’t played Des­tiny or who don’t know what a Night­fall strike is, Night­fall is a spe­cial strike that has mod­i­fiers that make it much more dif­fi­cult, in the case of Des­tiny 2 they also added a time lim­it that the strike has to be com­plet­ed by or you will have to start the strike over.

This week Night­fall fea­tured 2 new mod­i­fiers, Prism and Time Warp: Killing Time, Prism rotates the ele­men­tal weapon burn and Killing time allows guardians to earn more time to com­plete the strike by gain­ing added time each time they kill and ene­my. The prob­lem was that it did­n’t show what burn was active for more than a sec­ond or two caus­ing us to con­stant­ly strug­gle to keep track of the burn.

Night­fall this week was very frus­trat­ing for us, all 3 of us are Des­tiny 1 vets and we still were strug­gling to beat the strike in the time lim­it pro­vid­ed. Bungie tweet­ed about the issue today

Next week’s Night­fall strike was going to fea­ture the Momen­tum mod­i­fi­er, but do to a major issue they dis­cov­ered Momen­tum will be replaced with Prism again next week. Bungie has giv­en us a sched­ule of Month 1 activ­i­ties, remem­ber that week 2’s Night­fall has the momen­tum mod­i­fi­er replaced with Prism.

Destiny 2 Has Nightfall Issues, Bungie Says Its Fixed.

With raid being released in just 2 days I hope Bungie has squashed any annoy­ing bugs the raid will have.

Each week­ly con­tent reset hap­pens every Tues­day (USA time) allow­ing guardians to run a new Night­fall strike and run the raid again for rewards.

Have you found any annoy­ing bugs in Des­tiny 2 that are very frustrating?

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