Destiny 2 Wont Allow Load Out Changes During Some High Level Activities

Des­tiny 2 is almost upon us, as launch gets clos­er more infor­ma­tion is being released. In the new issue of Edge Mag­a­zine Bungie revealed that cer­tain high lev­el activ­i­ties will not allow play­ers to edit their load out-mid mis­sion like we could in Des­tiny 1. Bungie also revealed that Night­fall will now fea­ture a timer, mak­ing the activ­i­ty harder.

In Des­tiny 2 cer­tain high lev­el activ­i­ties will require that you plan and set your build up prop­er­ly before the mis­sion starts, not allow­ing any changes to your load­out and sub­class dur­ing the activity.

The Night­fall timer is pret­ty straight for­ward, instead of hav­ing an infi­nite amount of time to com­plete the strike like we had in Des­tiny 1 we now have a time lim­it to get to the end and get rewards. If your entire team dies or the time expires you will all be returned to orbit and have to start the Night­fall strike from the begin­ning again.

With Des­tiny 2’s launch rapid­ly approach­ing we wont have to wait long to see how these changes effect the game­play most of us have already expe­ri­enced play­ing Des­tiny 1.

Des­tiny 2 launch­es for Playsta­tion 4, Xbox One Sep­tem­ber 6th and on Octo­ber 24th for PC

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