Every PC user has had that age-old ques­tion in their mind, “can it run Cry­sis?” This game has been the bench­mark for many PC builds since it launched back in 2007. Back in its day, Cry­sis was famous for its high­ly detailed envi­ron­ments and sand­box action. Now, it’s mak­ing its way to the cur­rent con­soles, PC and even the Switch,

Cry­sis Remas­tered was recent­ly leaked, on Cry­tek’s offi­cial web­site non the less. It appears to have been an obvi­ous mis­take, as it was pulled down quick­ly. Short­ly there­after, Cry­tek offi­cial­ly announced the remas­ter on their Twitter:

Fol­low­ing the leak, Twit­ter user lash­man sought meta­da­ta from Cry­tek’s site and dis­cov­ered a prod­uct descrip­tion for the game. It states: “Cry­sis Remas­tered brings new graph­ics fea­tures, high-qual­i­ty tex­tures, and the CRYEGINE’s native hard­ware — and API-agnos­tic ray trac­ing solu­tion for PC, PlaySta­tion, Xbox and — for the first time– Nin­ten­do Switch.”

Their web­site also had a splash image reveal­ing the plat­forms it’s sup­posed to be releas­ing on. The Intel Gam­ing Twit­ter account showed the same image, before it delet­ed the tweet. 

Crysis is Making a Comeback With a Remaster for the PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Switch

The remas­tered news isn’t all too shock­ing, espe­cial­ly con­sid­er­ing the Cry­sis Twit­ter account recent­ly tweet­ed it was ‘receiv­ing data’ after being dark for over four years.