The pre­vi­ous­ly PC exclu­sive RPG Pil­lars of Eter­ni­ty is com­ing to con­soles. Pil­lars of Eter­ni­ty: Com­plete Edi­tion launch­es August 29th for both Xbox One and PS4

The game will include both large expan­sions The White March Part 1 and 2. It also includes an entire­ly new inter­face made specif­i­cal­ly for con­soles. Those who played Obsid­i­an’s Tor­ment: Tides of Numen­era should have an idea of the exact interface. 

For those who may not know, Pil­lars of Eter­ni­ty is a return to clas­sic com­put­er RPG for­mu­la. It has a large empha­sis on play­er choice and cus­tomiza­tion by uti­liz­ing five core skills to over­come sit­u­a­tions, branch­ing sto­ry­lines, and 11 class­es to choose from. With about 80 hours of con­tent in the base game play­ers should get their mon­ey’s worth.

Pil­lars of Eter­ni­ty II: Dead­fire recent­ly had a suc­cess crowd­fund­ing cam­paign on Fig. Cur­rent­ly there is no plans to bring it to con­soles, but the suc­cess of this first con­sole port will like­ly help deter­mine if the sequel comes to consoles.