Committing Grand Theft — My Experience Doing A Heist

Fuck, don’t get shot, we are los­ing too much money”

FUCK!!!!! dude you stepped in front of my rock­et Izzari!!!!”

Those were state­ments made as we fin­ished “The Pacif­ic Stan­dard Job” for the first time. Part of the fresh­ly mint­ed heist mode added to GTA online, After a year of wait­ing and bro­ken promis­es (Those Moth­er Fuck­ers). Though I am not sure what took a damn year to do, the GTA online heist are wild­ly fun, and well thought out. My expe­ri­ences are lim­it­ed to play­ing with my friends so I can speak on what play­ing with ran­doms is like, Id imag­ine is sim­i­lar to hav­ing an alu­minum bat shoved up your ass after its been left in a sum­mer desert sun, but i digress — The heist are great. You start with a cut scene out­lin­ing the heist, com­plete with the trade­mark GTA humor and satire, After that on the white­board in your apart­ment you have a list of all the set up jobs that must be com­plet­ed before you actu­al­ly com­mit the heist. All the prepa­ra­tion jobs feel like jobs, they can be dif­fi­cult and aren’t just stu­pid emp­ty jobs sim­ply extend­ing the heist. In fact each heist takes around 2–3 hours to com­plete, all the set up jobs and the actu­al score, so you have to have some time put aside with 3 friends to com­plete them. Along with the heist a ton of new vehi­cles, weapons and clothes were added as well, my per­son favorite a Har­ri­er jet with rock­ets. I don’t think I said that with enough impact… A FUCKING HARRIER JET WITH MOTHERFUCKING ROCKETS!!!! It will run you 3 mil­lion but god damn it’s worth it. Anoth­er new edi­tion is the Kuru­ma both armored and unar­mored, I own the armored vari­ant and while inside her you are basi­cal­ly bul­let proof.

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