Rock­star recent­ly released anoth­er Role for Red Dead Online play­ers, the Nat­u­ral­ist, and today they’ve added a cou­ple of Leg­endary crit­ters for this Role to hunt. Addi­tion­al­ly, there are new cat­a­logue addi­tions, bonus­es, ben­e­fits and more.

Legendary Animals

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The Leg­endary Teca Gator, down in the Kamas­sa Riv­er, can be spot­ted eas­i­est after dark and dur­ing rainy or stormy weath­er — the Leg­endary Sun Gator lives in the Lan­na­hechee Riv­er, and is best seen dur­ing fog­gy mornings.

Both ani­mals can be stud­ied by Nat­u­ral­ists, and bring­ing sam­ples back to Har­ri­et will fill the Ani­mal Field Guide and gain XP for the Role. Choose to hunt and skin the gators and Gus will turn the leather into a coat at his shop.

Leg­endary Alli­ga­tor Sam­ples and Skins Sales earn a 50% XP and pay out bonus through August 10th. Hunters who tak­en down the Teca Gator will receive a spe­cial col­or­way of the O’Quinn Hat, and bring­ing the Sun Gator down will net a spe­cial col­or­way for the Hels­by Gloves. These Rewards will be deliv­ered to the Offers & Rewards with­in 48 hours.

Gus’s Trapper Store

Check Out What's New In Red Dead Online This Week

Gus’s offer­ings of cloth­ing and acces­sories will con­tin­ue to grow each week with the dis­cov­ery of new Leg­endary Ani­mals. Deliv­er­ing the Teca and Sun gator hides to Gus’ Store will allow him to craft the Teca Coat and Sun Coat. Craft any Leg­endary Gator Coat and you’ll get a unique col­or­way of the brand new Cor­cha­do Pon­cho as a bonus.

There’s also a new Alli­ga­tor vari­ant of the Improved Bow at Gus’ Store.

A warn­ing though: too many vis­its to Gus will leave Har­ri­et a lit­tle displeased.

Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Additions

Check Out What's New In Red Dead Online This Week

The fol­low­ing items have become per­ma­nent today:

  • Cor­cha­do Poncho
  • San­doval Jacket
  • Wind­cliff Coat
  • Fair­bairn Dress
  • Lit­ten Dress
  • Pedrosa Pants
  • Pla­ta Pants
  • O’Quinn Hat
  • Tiltham Hat
  • Hels­by Gloves
  • More­ton Boots

There’s also new col­or­ways for the Mar­shall Coat, Kil­li­man Vest and Dia­mond­back Hat. 

Bonuses & Benefits

All play­ers can take 30% off:

  • Hors­es
  • Pis­tols
  • Tents
  • Camp Flags
  • Camp Themes

Nat­u­ral­ist Roles will be get­ting extra, one-time, bonus­es through August 24th:

  • Become a Nat­u­ral­ist and get a Reward of a free Role Acces­so­ry, Out­fit or Emote
  • Com­plete and Ani­mal Sight­ing Mis­sion and get a Reward for a unique col­or­way of the Farn­holme Dou­ble Bandolier
  • Tran­quil­ize and sam­ple any ani­mal and get the Gila Mon­ster Camp Flag 
  • Pur­chase a Wilder­ness Camp and get a Trea­sure Map as a Reward

Also avail­able through Sep­tem­ber 21st:

  • Offer for 30% off any Novice or Promis­ing Item in the Nat­u­ral­ist Role
  • Reward for 2,000 Nat­u­ral­ist XP
  • Reward for Free Seda­tive Varmint Cartridges
  • Reward for a Free Leg­endary Ani­mal Pheromone
  • Offer for 30% off a Revolver
  • Reward for a Free Abil­i­ty Card

Twitch Prime

Check Out What's New In Red Dead Online This Week

Con­nect your Twitch Prime and Social Club accounts to get a Free Kata­ta Coat craft­ed from Leg­endary Elk hide and:

  • 5 Free Leg­endary Ani­mal Pheromones
  • 6,000 Nat­u­ral­ist XP
  • Free Wilder­ness Camp
  • Offer for 50% off a Camp Dog
  • Offer for 50% off a Tent
  • Offer for 50% off a Vest below Rank 15
  • 10x Spe­cial Health Cures
  • 10x Spe­cial Snake Oil
  • 10x Spe­cial Mir­a­cle Tonic
  • 10x Spe­cial Bitters

Source: Rock­star