Anoth­er week and anoth­er set of changes has made its way to Red Dead Online, with a lit­tle bit of spooky. This week brings anoth­er new Leg­endary Boun­ty, col­lectible items, cloth­ing, bonus­es and more. Along­side all the usu­al addi­tions, comes a lim­it­ed-time Show­down Mode, Fear of the Dark.

Fear of the Dark

Check Out What's New in Red Dead Online This Week

This creepy new lim­it­ed-time mode pins the super­nat­ur­al Night Stalk­ers against mor­tal Hunters. Night Stalk­ers are fast and strong, but rely on skull masks to main­tain their pow­er. Hunters can find these masks strewn about the Night Stalk­er’s stomp­ing grounds, with each mask they find weak­en­ing the Stalk­er. At the same time, Hunters’ weapons grow stronger with every mask. 

Hunters can only suc­ceed by col­lect­ing all of the masks and killing all Night Stalk­ers. The Stalk­ers can win by either wip­ing out the Hunters or sur­viv­ing until the time lim­it expires.

Fear of the Dark starts today and ends Novem­ber 12th, with the entire Fear of the Dark series pay­ing out 3X Gold and 2X RDO$ through Novem­ber 3rd.

Legendary Bounty: Tobin Winfield 

Check Out What's New in Red Dead Online This Week

This week’s boun­ty is a cor­rupt politi­cian, a for­mer may­or who syphoned pub­lic mon­ey for years. Tobin Win­field can be found around Thieve’s Landing. 

Collection and Clothing

Check Out What's New in Red Dead Online This Week

New cloth­ing has arrived to the Wheel­er, Raw­son & Cat­a­logue, including:

  • Tobac­co Hat
  • Thack­er Hat
  • Tor­ran­ca Coat
  • Manstil­la Poncho
  • Creswell Skirt
  • Sier­ra Boots
  • Pick­ett Boots

Col­lec­tors can track down the new Vet­er­an’s Col­lec­tion, con­sist­ing of the 1792 Quar­ter, Old Tom Gin and Aubrey Onyx Ring. 

Bonuses and Benefits 

Take off 30% on all Cleavers, Machetes, Tom­a­hawks and Throw­ing Knives this week.

Check Out What's New in Red Dead Online This Week

Licensed Boun­ty Hunters will receive and exclu­sive vari­ant of the Crea­ture Mask; Traders will get an exclu­sive Swine Mask; and Col­lec­tors will obtain the exclu­sive Mas­quer­ade Mask — all for free. Play­ers who achieve Tiers 10 and 20 of the Out­law Pass can look for­ward to free and exclu­sive ver­sions of the Freak and Hor­ror Masks. Those who win a round of the new Fear of the Dark mode, will also receive and exclu­sive tint of the Freak Mask.

The masks and haunt­ing col­lec­tion will only be avail­able from Madam Nazar through Novem­ber 3rd.

PS Plus mem­bers still have until Novem­ber 4th to get an exclu­sive col­or­way of the Kil­li­man Vest. Play­ers who have linked their Social Club and Twitch Prime accounts, can get the Boun­ty Hunter license for free and an extra 10% off this weeks discounts. 

Source: Rock­star