It’s been a cou­ple of weeks since Rock­star released their Sum­mer Spe­cial for GTA Online, and this week has sev­er­al XP boosts as well as, new dis­counts, podi­um vehi­cle, a free tee and more.

Double and Triple Rewards

For the next week, Rock­star Cre­at­ed Open Wheel Races will be dish­ing out triple GTA$ and RP, includ­ing the nine new tracks that arrived with the Sum­mer Special.

Check Out What's New In GTA Online This Week

Both VIP and MC Work & Chal­lenges will be giv­ing out dou­ble rewards, and whichev­er activ­i­ty is played more often will deter­mine next week’s bonus­es. If play­ers do more VIP activ­i­ties, dou­ble rewards will be applies to all Spe­cial Car­go Mis­sions next week. If more MC Works & Chal­lenges get done, then all Bik­er Busi­ness Sell Mis­sions will be get­ting 2X GTA$ and RP.

Check Out What's New In GTA Online This Week

Com­plet­ing either VIP or MC Work and come back next week get a com­pli­men­ta­ry Green Dot Tech Mask.

Free Tee

Play­ers who hop into GTA Online now through Sep­tem­ber 2nd will get a free Vapers Den Tee.

Check Out What's New In GTA Online This Week

Podium Vehicle

Head to The Dia­mond Casi­no & Resort to take your spin at the Lucky Wheel for a chance to win the new podi­um car: the Prog­en PR4.

Check Out What's New In GTA Online This Week


  • 40% off MC Clubhouses
    • Down­town Vinewood
    • Grape­seed
    • Great Chap­ar­ral
    • Haw­ick
    • La Mesa
    • Pale­to Bay (1 Pale­to Blvd and 68 Pale­to Blvd)
    • Pill­box Hill
    • Ran­cho
    • Sandy Shores
    • Vespuc­ci Beach
  • 40% off Bik­er Business
    • Doc­u­ment Forgery Office
    • Coun­ter­feit Cash Factories
    • Weed Farms
    • Meth Labs
    • Cocaine Lock­ups
  • 40% off Exec­u­tive Offices
    • Maze Bank West
    • Arca­dius Busi­ness Center
    • Lom­bank West
    • Maze Bank Tower
  • 30% off Exec­u­tive Office Customizations
    • Inte­ri­ors
    • Orga­ni­za­tion Name Change
    • Mon­ey Safe
    • Gun Lock­er
    • Accom­mo­da­tion
    • Per­son­al Assistant
  • 35% off Ocelot R88
  • 40% off Declasse Hotring Sabre
  • 40% off Declasse Drift Tampa
  • 40% off Declasse Drift Yosemite

Prime Gaming

Check Out What's New In GTA Online This Week

Those who con­nect their Social Club and Prime Gam­ing will get GTA$200K for play­ing any time this week. It will take up to 72 hours for the bonus to show up in your Maze Bank. Addi­tion­al­ly, Prime Gam­ing mem­bers will receive:

  • The Vespuc­ci Canals Night­club Property
  • 70% off the Mam­moth Avenger
  • 75% off the Avenger Weapon and Weaponized Vehi­cle Workshops

Source: Rock­star