It’s been a week since Fall Guys was released and it’s already fall­en prey to cheat­ing. Play­ers have found hacks that allow them to bypass obsta­cles, grief­ing oth­ers in the process. 

One Red­dit user, Beard_Of_Serpico, summed up what makes cheat­ing so annoy­ing in the Fall Guys sub­red­dit: “Pathet­ic isn’t it? Cheat­ing in one of the most casu­al, child friend­ly games ever. This is why we can’t have nice things.”

Medi­a­ton­ic, the stu­i­do behind the quirky bat­tle royale, has been deal­ing with serv­er issues since the game launched on August 4th. The game has already amassed 2 mil­lion play­ers and like many oth­er online mul­ti­play­er games, play­ers have found ways to clip through walls, float and run faster than intended. 

The stu­dio is work­ing cur­rent­ly work­ing on the cheat­ing issues and is advis­ing play­ers to report poten­tial cheaters in their Dis­cord chan­nel or the Fall Guys sub­red­dit, since there is no way to report cheaters in-game. 

Medi­a­ton­ic is also plan­ning on giv­ing away a free in-game item to play­ers who have sup­port­ed Fall Guys dur­ing its dif­fi­cult peri­od of launch.