Call Of Duty WWII Patch and FREE New Map Live Now

Sledge­ham­mer Games has released a new patch for Call Of Duty WWII. This patch has a ton of fix­es and does a lit­tle weapon bal­anc­ing. It also adds FREE map to WWII.

Patch Notes


  • Updates to loot system 
  • Increased Num­ber of Weapons & Pre­mi­um Con­tent per Update – We’re adding new ranged weapons, more cos­met­ic weapon vari­ants, and themed uni­forms with a com­mit­ment to dou­ble-down on these cat­e­gories mov­ing for­ward so you’ll be able to get more of the con­tent you want.
  • More Ways to Earn Weapons – We are offer­ing a vari­ety of paths to obtain the most-want­ed weapons and weapon vari­ants in-game as more will be made avail­able via Orders and Con­tracts, in addi­tion to exist­ing Weapon Col­lec­tions and Sup­ply Drops.
  • Low­ered Dupli­cate Rates – We are reduc­ing the fre­quen­cy of dupli­cates you’ll receive with­in Sup­ply Drops to deliv­er more new con­tent in every drop.
  • Rebal­anced Cat­e­go­ry Reward Rates – This will ensure you are get­ting a wider vari­ety of con­tent cat­e­gories with­in every drop, which will make the unbox­ing expe­ri­ence more sat­is­fy­ing (we heard you on what it feels like to get triple dupli­cate pis­tol grips).
  • New Spe­cial Orders — We heard your feed­back on cer­tain weapons being avail­able only via Com­mon Sup­ply Drops and how hard they are to get. We are mov­ing these into Spe­cial Orders so that they are eas­i­er to access.
  • New Cat­e­gories of Items – You will have more ways to cus­tomize your solid­er and load­out with the intro­duc­tion of weapon charms, camos, and reticles.
  • Con­tent Changes – We are remov­ing gold foil call­ing cards, and won’t be adding new pis­tol grips to the loot pool.
  • Armory Drops – We are adding a new Sup­ply Drop type “Armory Drops” which will func­tion a lot like Bribes but can be obtained for Armory Cred­its to pro­vide yet anoth­er way to get the con­tent you’re after.
  • Oper­a­tion: Sham­rock & Awe Com­mu­ni­ty Event in MP and Zombies
  • New con­tent (weapons, camos, uni­forms, charms, ret­i­cles, etc)
  • Ship­ment 1944 (avail­able Sea­son Pass hold­ers today, and for free for non-Sea­son Pass hold­ers start­ing March 16th)
  • Prop Hunt on DLC maps

Connectivity/Spawns/Performance/Split Screen/Mechanics

Fixed issue in Hard­core where play­ers were able to rejoin a match from which they were just kicked

Fixed issue where Play­er 2 in split screen on a guest account was being kicked to Local Play when cre­at­ing first load­out Offline

Fixed issue where play­ers were crash­ing when equip­ping Scorestreaks

Fixed issue where play­ers crash after accept­ing invites to a pub­lic War match

Fixed issue where match­es were not start­ing prop­er­ly from Fea­tured playlists

Fixed loss of func­tion­al­i­ty issue when play­ers return to MP Menu after com­plet­ing match in Local Play


Fixed map exploits on Gus­tav Can­non and Occupation

Fixed error when load­ing into a Cus­tom TDM match on Anthropoid

Par­ty System/HQ

Fixed issue where upon open­ing sup­ply drops from the Options menu while in HQ, play­ers would some­times be trans­port­ed to anoth­er part of HQ

Fixed issue where play­ers were unable to aban­don Orders when in Major Howard’s menu


Var­i­ous UI fix­es and improve­ments (split screen, text descrip­tions, in-game store, menu tabs, Fir­ing Range, missing/incorrect icons, Divi­sion slots, Sol­dier stats, wid­gets, text overlap)

Fixed issue where “My Emblems” tab was not inform­ing play­ers of how many emblem slots they had left

Fixed issue where green star noti­fi­ca­tion in the Dossier menu was not dis­ap­pear­ing for Call­ing Cards section


Fixed issue where play­ers would hear the sound of a truck dri­ving when load­ing into HQ


Fixed issue where unlock­ing new Score­streaks also equips them when play­ers have three already equipped

Fixed issue where play­ers were able to reload the Com­bat Shot­gun past the max amount of ammo

Fixed explo­sive score­streaks behav­ior underwater

Nerfed the Volksstur­mgewehr (Increased recoil and decreased dam­age range to be more on par with oth­er rifles in its class)


Pushed through some fix­es for issue where play­ers were los­ing MMR

Fixed issue where when Play­er 1 (par­ty leader) leaves a lob­by, Play­er 2 will not be auto­mat­i­cal­ly pulled out with Play­er 1

Var­i­ous UI fix­es and improve­ments (icons, menu tabs)

Fixed issue where when one play­er is kicked for inac­tiv­i­ty, remain­ing play­ers were also kicked


Fixed issues with lob­by placement

Fixed UI issues with Sol­dier tab and MLG Divisions

Fixed issue where Team two (Axis)’s objec­tive col­ors were not updat­ing properly

Fixed issue where some restrict­ed items were still able to be equipped


Var­i­ous UI fix­es and improve­ments (menu dis­plays, descrip­tion text, weapon per­son­al­iza­tion, text over­lap, unlock requirements)

Fixed issue in TDS where some play­ers who were revived were tele­port­ed out of playable area

Fixed issue where upgrad­ed camo was not dis­play­ing for var­i­ous weapons

Fixed issues with Wüstling and oth­er zom­bies pathing and behavior

Fixed func­tion­al­i­ty issues with 9mm SAP

Fixed issues with upgrad­ing the Ripsaw

Fixed issue where Pom­mel grenade fails to regen­er­ate uses

Elim­i­nat­ed fall dam­age (mean­ing, it can no longer take your armor)

Reduced “red screen of death” opac­i­ty to make it less obfuscating

Call Of Duty WWII Patch and FREE New Map Live Now

Ship­ment 1944 is a remake of the Mod­ern War­fare map Ship­ment, One of the small­est Call Of Duty Maps ever. Expect a very chaot­ic match while play­ing on Ship­ment 1944.

Ship­ment 1944 is avail­able to all sea­son pass hold­ers for free right now, but will be avail­able free to every­body Fri­day March 16th (3 days from the time of this writing).

Check out The Oper­a­tion Sham­rock and Awe event that released with todays patch here.

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