Call Of Duty WWII Attack Of The Undead Event Live

Sledge­ham­mer Games has announced and acti­vat­ed a new com­mu­ni­ty event for Call Of Duty WWII, Attack Of The Undead. Run­ning May 29th through June 6th 2018 zom­bies will be invad­ing mul­ti­play­er and brings some new zom­bie themed game modes and weapons (both ranged and melee), a new map and more.

Call Of Duty WWII Attack Of The Undead Event Live

Game Modes

  • Infect­ed — How long can you sur­vive? In the Infect­ed Mul­ti­play­er mode, one play­er starts as a Zom­bie and must infect the remain­ing Sur­vivors in the match, grow­ing the undead horde with each bite. The Sur­vivors win if all Zom­bies are eliminated.
  • Horde­point — It’s the clas­sic Hard­point mode, but with a thrilling twist – the undead attack! In the Horde­point Mul­ti­play­er mode, the win­ning team must defend the point from both the attack­ing team, as well as blood-thirsty Zom­bies. Keep your eyes peeled Sol­dier! Horde­point is avail­able for a lim­it­ed-time, begin­ning Tues­day, June 5.
  • Rel­ic Of The Undead — How long can you hold the Zom­bie Rel­ic? In this Mul­ti­play­er mode, the Sol­dier who keeps the Skull Rel­ic away from their oppo­nents for the longest time wins the match. Don’t wor­ry, the Skull should­n’t bite. Rel­ic of the Undead is avail­able for a lim­it­ed-time, begin­ning Tues­day, June 12.

Call Of Duty WWII Attack Of The Undead Event Live


  • PTRS 41 Sniper
  • Stringer LMG
  • Fire Axe
  • Clay­more Sword
  • Blun­der­buss
  • Lever Action


Call Of Duty WWII Attack Of The Undead Event Live

Set near the Kyffhäuser Moun­tains, Groesten Haus is any­thing but a peace­ful cab­in in the woods. Close quar­ters fight­ing is plen­ti­ful inside the cab­in, where there is lit­tle room to hide from ene­mies. This will also be the set­ting where three new Mul­ti­play­er modes fea­tur­ing the undead will take place.

Groesten is the tuto­r­i­al map for zom­bies, but dur­ing this event it is avail­able as a mul­ti­play­er map.

Attack of the Undead looks like it will be a fun inter­est­ing event, Im look­ing for­ward to try­ing horde­point. Will you be kick­ing some undead ass dur­ing this event?


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