The orig­i­nal ver­sion of Ver­dan­sk in Call of Duty: War­zone will nev­er be playable again, con­firmed by Raven Soft­ware in an inter­view with Char­lieIn­tel.

The map was nuked on Thurs­day as part of a spe­cial event. The map was then replaced with Ver­dan­sk ’84, a new take on the map which fea­tures sev­er­al new loca­tions with an ’80s-theme attached. There are those out there that believe the orig­i­nal map will make a come­back, but it’s look­ing like that won’t be the case. Devel­op­er Raven Soft­ware told Char­lieIn­tel Ver­dan­sk is gone forever.

The set­up of Ver­dan­sk we’ve grown to love over the last year will nev­er be playable in any form again,” Char­lieIn­tel stated.

Hon­est­ly, this is not sur­pris­ing. The devel­op­ers of War­zone are like­ly look­ing to keep the bat­tle royale fresh, and keep their play­er count up. Of course, it’s not out of the ques­tion for the orig­i­nal map to return, as anoth­er bat­tle royale title has done this. Apex Leg­ends brought back the orig­i­nal King’s Canyon map for a lim­it­ed-time event.

Sea­son Three for both Call of Duty: War­zone and Black Ops Cold War is already under­way, and you can check out the War­zone patch notes, here.