A 1980s Cold War-themed map for Call of Duty: War­zone has leaked ahead of the upcom­ing nuke event for the bat­tle royale game, which will tran­si­tion Ver­dan­sk to the Tre­yarch title.

Accord­ing to a VGC report, a sup­posed work-in-progress live-action adver­tise­ment, fea­tur­ing celebri­ties like rap­per Young Thug, reveal­ing the map. The tweet has since had its media removed. How­ev­er, it did show­case points of inter­est being replaced by Black Ops Cold War-themed loca­tions. This includes and under con­struc­tion Sta­di­um and the Dam replaced with an aqueduct.

There is a short and blur­ry video below:

The upcom­ing map change is planned to take place on April 22nd, accord­ing to VGC. Whether that date is accu­rate or not, War­zone is expect­ed to see a trans­for­ma­tion at the end of Black Ops Cold War and War­zone’s Sea­son 2. Which ends in April.

The Ver­dan­sk nuclear event has been rumored for quite some time, and a recent zom­bie out­break that has been steadi­ly spread­ing seems to be lead­ing to that conclusion.