Yet anoth­er patch has been released for Call of Duty: War­zone, which is sup­pose to fix the infi­nite stim glitch that has been plagu­ing the game for quite some time.

The patch notes state the issue “stemmed from play­er get­ting stuck in throw­back state after throw­ing back a live grenade.” While this has been an ongo­ing prob­lem, it should now be fixed and, hope­ful­ly, stays that way.

Addi­tion­al­ly, match bonus­es and kill XP rewards for Kingslay­er mode have had some adjust­ments in effort to “nor­mal­ize” XP rewards across all modes.

Changes to the in-game store were also made, remov­ing tier skips from the Mod­ern War­fare bun­dles. Issues relat­ed to dis­play images for numer­ous items has also been resolved. 

Yes­ter­day, and update for Black Ops Cold War was released, bring­ing dou­ble XP to both War­zone and Cold War.

You can see the patch notes and playlist updates, below:

Call of Duty: Warzone Patch Notes

Warzone Playlist Update


  • Ver­dan­sk BR – Armored Royale
  • Plun­der — Quads
  • Rebirth Island – Resur­gence Trios


  • Plun­der – Blood Mon­ey Trios

Warzone Patch Notes


  • New fix to remove infi­nite stim glitch
    • Issue stemmed from play­er get­ting stuck in throw­back state after throw­ing back a live grenade
  • Adjust­ed match bonus and kill XP reward of Kingslay­er mode to be more in line with Ver­dan­sk BR
    • This is part of our con­tin­ued effort to nor­mal­ize XP rewards across our var­i­ous game modes


  • Adjust­ed the tim­ing of ammo replen­ish­ment dur­ing emp­ty reloads for BOCW weapons


  • Cer­tain oper­a­tor mis­sions for Stitch should now track as intended


  • Fixed visu­al for the “Heavy Hand­ed” Sledge­ham­mer in the Play­er Armory


  • Fixed issue where at high pres­tige lev­els, progress towards next lev­el shown in Bar­racks Sea­son­al Pro­gres­sion did not match what was shown on the top ban­ner of the main menu


  • Removed Tier Skips from Mod­ern War­fare Bundles
  • Pre­view­ing Bruis­er Cord watch in the Hot Shot Bun­dle will now dis­play cor­rect watch
  • Fixed var­i­ous minor issues includ­ing images, icons, and names


  • Fixed a crash that occurs when launch­ing the game due to changes being made to Win­dows GDI32

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