Anoth­er update for Call of Duty: Mod­ern War­fare and War­zone was released late last night, titled ‘Sea­son Five Reload’. In com­par­i­son to recent update, this one is rel­a­tive­ly small, the largest file size being for PC play­ers who own the full ver­sion of Mod­ern War­fare (17.6 GB). 

The patch includ­ed the usu­al week­ly playlist update, which brought back Shoot the Ship for reg­u­lar mul­ti­play­er and Plun­der Quads to War­zone. There was also a bit of gen­er­al bug fix­es, a cou­ple of adjust­ments for weapons and plen­ty of fix­es to War­zone. Con­sid­er­ing War­zone is going to be the de fac­to Call of Duty bat­tle royale for the next year, they bet­ter be stomp­ing out as many issues as they can. 

Infin­i­ty Ward final­ly fixed the bug where play­ers could see Track­er foot­prints on the ground after respawn­ing, even if they did­n’t have the perk equipped. That was a spo­radic bug, which has been ongo­ing for sev­er­al sea­sons. The Stop­ping Round Field Upgrade was also giv­ing unlim­it­ed rounds after using it on the same weapon twice, has been fixed as well.

War­zone say a bunch of fix­es for irri­tat­ing issues, like para­chutes open­ing in ran­dom sec­tions of the map, the gas mask becom­ing invul­ner­a­ble and sev­er­al fix­es for Self Revive.

You can see the full list of changes made, below:



  • Ground War
  • Ground War Rein­force (32 players)
  • Blue­print Gunfight
  • Shoot the Ship
  • Face Off Ver­dan­sk Sta­di­um (2v2)


  • BR Solos
  • BR Duos
  • BR Trios
  • BR Quads
  • Plun­der: Quads
  • King Slay­er Trios


  • Ground War: You can now spawn on APCs even while they’re in com­bat, just as long as the vehi­cle isn’t low on health 
  • You can now inspect your weapon dur­ing infil sequences! 
  • Fix for a bug where play­ers could see Track­er foot­prints on the ground after respawn­ing, even when they don’t have the perk equipped 
  • Fix for an issue where the Riot Shield could appear side­ways in the pre­view screen 
  • Also, fixed a bug where the Riot Shield could appear crooked in the squad walk
  • Fixed a bug where using Flam­ing Throw­ing Knives would not reset Dead Silence 
  • Sea­son 5 Week 1 chal­lenge reads: “Call in the Per­son­al UAV Kill­streak 7 Times.” Should be writ­ten as Per­son­al Radar
  • The Week 1 chal­lenge reads: “Play 3 match­es with Wyatt and your Coali­tion Oper­a­tor”. Using and instead of as
  • Fix for an issue where the score­board could reflect inac­cu­rate infor­ma­tion when going from a mul­ti­play­er match to a War­zone match 
  • Fixed a bug where some users were unable to unblock players 
  • Fixed a bug where the ‘World Eater’ call­ing card appeared ani­mat­ed, although it should be a sta­t­ic image 
  • Fix for an issue where par­tial­ly watch­ing the kill­cam and then skip­ping it, can some­times result in reduced respawn time 
  • Var­i­ous fix­es to help the Tomo­gunchi Tur­bo watch func­tion as intended 
  • Fixed an issue where the Stop­ping Round Field Upgrade could become unlim­it­ed after using two of the same weapon 


  • Adjust­ed weapon stats graphs to bet­ter match rate of fire and post-launch weapon balancing 
  • Fix for a bug where trac­ers could lose their impact VFX when the ammu­ni­tion is changed from the default 5.56 NATO ammu­ni­tion on the M4
  • Sniper – Ther­mal Scope: low­ered optic res­o­lu­tion and reduced ther­mal range 
  • Adding ‘HEI’ (High Explo­sive Incen­di­ary) label to cos­met­ic dis­mem­ber­ing ammo types 


  • Fix for an issue where the gas mask could become invulnerable 
  • Fixed a bug where the yel­low high­light­ing of your name in the Squad wid­get was miss­ing from BR Buy Back 
  • Fix for a bug where the para­chute could open ran­dom­ly when jump­ing over cer­tain areas of the map 
  • In BR Quads, the play­er’s min­imap icon had both the downed icon and arrow when the play­er start­ed the Most Want­ed con­tract. This has been fixed 
  • Fixed a bug where the loot dropped from a squad­mate who died in the gulag would be avail­able for oth­er squad mem­bers to pick up if they enter the same gulag 
  • Fixed a bug where play­ers will observe no ping audio from a spec­ta­tor cre­at­ing world pings 
  • Var­i­ous fix­es for issues with Self Revive: 
    • Play­ers may see no UI for Self Revive after buy­ing it at a kiosk, then see the Self Revive ‘Use’ UI right before the play­er dies when downed but too late to be able to revive themselves
    • Play­ers may see no UI for Self Revive and when downed, they are able to use a Self Revive
    • Play­ers may be unable to buy a Self Revive at a kiosk stat­ing “The play­er already has this item”, despite not hav­ing one in their inventory


  • Fixed a bug where bar­rels with inte­grat­ed sup­pres­sors were still available


  • Improved sta­bil­i­ty and performance
  • Fixed an issue that caused screen res­o­lu­tion to be high­er than native res­o­lu­tion at 100 ren­der res­o­lu­tion when in fullscreen bor­der­less mode
  • Fixed an issue that could lock FOV to 60 after play­ing a game of Ground War

Source: Infin­i­ty Ward