Last night, Infin­i­ty Ward released the lat­est patch notes for Call of Duty: Mod­ern War­fare and War­zone, which yet again, was quite a large file size. This update brought Sea­son 5, intro­duc­ing a cou­ple new mul­ti­play­er maps, open­ing up the sta­di­um in War­zone and a few tweaks to both modes.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare & Warzone Patch Notes for August 4th

The file size is 33.9 GB for PS4, 49.8 GB for Xbox One and 54. 8 GB for PC (47.4 GB for War­zone only own­ers). The stu­dio did state that if you had the update pri­or to Sea­son 5 installed, Mod­ern War­fare will decrease in over­all size on the console. 

You can check out the full list of changes that came to this update below, includ­ing playlist updates and fixes:

Patch Notes — August 4th, 2020


  • Mod­ern Warfare
    • Ground War (Adding Ver­dan­sk Inter­na­tion­al Airport)
    • Blue­print Gunfight
    • Search and Destroy Dou­ble Down (12v12)
    • Face-Off (Live­stock)
    • Oil Rig and Har­bor 24/7
  • War­zone
    • BR Duos
    • BR Trios
    • BR Quads
    • BR Solos Buy Back (pre­vi­ous­ly called BR Solos Stimulus)
    • Blood Mon­ey Quads
    • Mini Royale Trios (Fast-paced Bat­tle Royale in con­densed areas of Verdansk)


  • Added Weapon Inspect! 
  • Fix for an issue where store bun­dle images could get stuck on the pre­vi­ous bun­dle image when scrolling on PC
  • Fix­es to pre­vent screen tearing
  • Fix for an issue where Price and Gaz occa­sion­al­ly lose their eye mod­els while nav­i­gat­ing var­i­ous menus
  • Fixed a bug where, when the ‘Head­shots Only’ option is set in a cus­tom game, the male Oper­a­tor hit­box­es aren’t func­tion­ing properly
  • Fix for an issue where the default scope on the Rytec AMR can­not be customized
  • Fix for a bug where Care Pack­ages, Jug­ger­nauts, and Emer­gency Air­drops were not get­ting prop­er­ly refund­ed to the play­er if get­ting the ‘Too many vehi­cles, refund­ing kill­streak’ mes­sage in a Cus­tom Game
  • Stop­ping Pow­er rounds are now pre­served on dropped weapons
  • Added a brief decay peri­od when tran­si­tion­ing from heavy foot­steps (sprint, tac­ti­cal sprint) to lighter foot­steps (walk). This address­es play­ers imme­di­ate­ly becom­ing qui­et upon slow­ing down from fast movements
  • Fixed a bug where the player’s choice of weapon fire and scope states were not being saved and restored after inter­act­ing with the Sen­try Gun, Shield Tur­ret, and Care Package
  • (We’ll have weapon tun­ing and oth­er weapon adjust­ments in a future patch. Stay tuned for updates.)


  • Fix for invis­i­ble col­li­sion appear­ing in Barakett Promenade
  • Fix for a bug where the 23.0″ RPK Bar­rel was appear­ing bro­ken in-game and in the Gun­smith menu
  • Fix for an exploit where play­ers were able to give them­selves unlim­it­ed ammo
  • Fix for an exploit using the Recon Drone and Care Package
  • The PKM – Blud­geon­er will now gath­er ammo from any oth­er PKM weapon
  • Fixed an issues where play­ers were hear­ing the missed hit VO for the Pre­ci­sion Airstrike when right after call­ing it in
  • Added a VO line when a player’s High Alert warn­ing is triggered
  • Fixed an issue where play­ers could receive ‘wall­bang’ kills when shoot­ing through players


  • New War­zone loot items!
  • Gulag weapons will now rotate every week between four sets total
  • Increased effec­tive dam­age range for all semi-auto DMR and semi-auto Sniper Rifles
  • Increased effec­tive dam­age range for the FR 5.56
  • Fix for a bug where the player’s physics could be con­trolled by the heli­copter while they para­chute out
  • Fix for an issue where play­ers were unable to call in any Air Strikes
  • Fix for see­ing invalid pings on the Heart­beat Sensor
  • Added new VO lines to warn play­ers of ene­my Recon Drones being called in near them (BR only)
  • Pre­vi­ous­ly, the Most Want­ed con­tract could respawn dead play­ers. Now, it can respawn play­ers in the Gulag in any state
  • Fix for the ‘Alive in Gas’ chal­lenge timer


  • Fix for an exploit while inside the blue kiosks on Piccadilly
  • New restrict­ed attachments:
    • Muz­zle – Sup­pres­sors (all)
    • Optic – Ther­mal Sights (all)
    • Under­bar­rel – Merc Foregrip

CO-OP MODES (Tac Ops, Clas­sic Spe­cial Oper­a­tions, Survival):

  • Team Ping is now enabled in these modes
  • New Chal­lenges: Play­ing it Bog­a­rt – Defeat ene­mies in style while sup­port­ing your team­mates in these Co-Op Focused Challenges


  • Added new map, Crash
  • Fix for exploit involv­ing the Equip­ment Store


  • Improved sta­bil­i­ty
  • VRAM usage is now dis­played in 2 sep­a­rate bars: one for War­zone and the oth­er for multiplayer
  • Added a key­bind for Air Vehi­cles’ Horn in the Kill­streak and Vehi­cles tab in the Options menu

Source: Infin­i­ty Ward