The fourth sea­son for Call of Duty: Mod­ern War­fare has final­ly arrived, after a week long hia­tus. This sea­son was post­poned, to allow voic­es dur­ing the George Floyd protests to be heard. 

Typ­i­cal changes for the sea­son were made, includ­ing the new Cap­tain Price Oper­a­tor, a playlist update, along­side a bunch of fix­es for reg­u­lar mul­ti­play­er and Warzone. 

There is also new weapon Mas­tery Chal­lenges for those who have com­plet­ed the Gold Camo Chal­lenge for their weapons. War­zone also has a new addi­tion, with three in-match events that will ran­dom­ly occur dur­ing a match of War­zone. These events are — Jail­break, Fire Sale and Sup­ply Chopper.

You can see more on these events, and all the oth­er adjust­ments for Call of Duty’s Sea­son Four, below:


  • Weapon Mas­tery Challenges!

Once you’ve unlocked Gold for a weapon, Mas­tery Chal­lenges become avail­able. There’s 8 Chal­lenges per weapon, each grant­i­ng their own rewards, with 4 Play­er­cards and 4 Emblems up for grabs. You’ll need to make your way through 2 Kill Chal­lenges, 2 Head­shot Chal­lenges, and 4 addi­tion­al Chal­lenges that must be done in order (Gold, Plat­inum, Dam­as­cus, Obsid­i­an). Com­plet­ing all chal­lenges for 51 weapons unlocks a badass spe­cial Stick­er and Playercard!

  • War­zone In-Match Events!

Events can occur dur­ing War­zone Bat­tle Royale match­es and have an impact on the strat­e­gy and approach to game­play. Events can hap­pen in any giv­en match with­out advance notice. When they hap­pen events will always occur mid-game. E.g. after the first drop kit and before the Gulag clos­es. Only one event type will occur in a giv­en match, so famil­iar­ize your­self with three new event types, avail­able at the start of Sea­son Four – ‘Jail­break’, ‘Fire Sale’, and ‘Sup­ply Chopper’.

When a ‘Jail­break’ occurs, all play­ers that have been elim­i­nat­ed will be released back into the match. Whether you were wait­ing for your 1v1 in the Gulag, or had been rel­e­gat­ed to a spec­ta­tor, now you’ll have anoth­er chance. You will get a one-minute notice before a Jail­break event hap­pens to find addi­tion­al armor or secure a weapon for your return­ing team­mates. Jail­break events can occur any time dur­ing the mid­dle game of a Bat­tle Royale match, so it may

be worth it to spec­tate, just in case. Be mind­ful that when a Jail­break occurs, it’s not just your team­mates that are com­ing back, but tons of addi­tion­al enemies.

‘Fire Sale’ is an in-game event that tem­porar­i­ly dis­counts most of the items at a Buy Sta­tion up to 80% or even gives items out com­plete­ly free. A Fire Sale is the per­fect time to pick up a UAV, Armor Box for your squad, or even a lethal Kill­streak. Dur­ing a Fire Sale buy­ing back a fall­en team­mate is com­plete­ly free. If your short on in-match Cash, a Fire Sale might be the best chance to rede­ploy a squad­mate. Note that even dur­ing a Fire Sale, Load­out Drops are not dis­count­ed. Fire Sales only last six­ty sec­onds, so expect Buy Sta­tions to be crowd­ed and pre­pare for a fight.

‘Sup­ply Chop­pers’ event brings a non-lethal, but heav­i­ly armored heli­copter to Ver­dan­sk. The heli­copter will have a lot of health, and it will require a few rounds of bul­lets and maybe a rock­et or two to bring it down. The heli­copter will not shoot at you, but make sure that while you’re dis­tract­ed ene­my teams don’t take advan­tage. Once you destroy the Sup­ply Chop­per, it will drop high qual­i­ty loot for play­ers to pick up. This loot includes three UAVS, two armor box­es and muni­tions box­es, a gas mask, a grenade launch­er, and tons of Cash at a min­i­mum. Sup­ply Chop­pers leave after a cer­tain peri­od of time, so if you want to take one out start fir­ing right away. Remem­ber, that after tak­ing down a Sup­ply Chop­per, you have to col­lect the loot. Watch out for ene­my teams who might try to take you out dur­ing the col­lec­tion or steal your hard-earned rewards.

  • Con­tra­band Con­tract System!

Con­tra­band is a new, rare con­tract with a per­ma­nent Blue­print Reward. Con­tra­band con­tracts have a chance to spawn after a pre­vi­ous con­tract is com­plet­ed. If you see the Con­tra­band brief­case, hur­ry up and col­lect it. Once you have it, take it to the des­ig­nat­ed Heli­copter Extrac­tion loca­tion to call in the heli­copter. The play­er car­ry­ing the brief­case must deposit it into the heli­copter drop-bag to com­plete the mis­sion. If you kill a play­er car­ry­ing this brief­case you can steal it com­plete the con­tract for your team. Be on the look­out for them on your Tac Map!


Mod­ern Warfare

  • Barakett Prom­e­nade has been added to Ground War!
  • Trench Mosh Pit (2v2)!
  • Scrap­yard 24/7! 
  • Blue­print Gunfight!


  • Quads
  • Trios
  • Duos
  • Solos
  • Blood Mon­ey
  • War­zone Rumble!

War­zone Rum­ble is a brand-new mode in War­zone. Two teams of 50 play­ers para­chute and bat­tle it out in var­i­ous areas around Ver­dan­sk. This mode is high action with cus­tom load­outs, vehi­cles, and quick respawns. 

Mod­i­fied Spe­cial Operations:

  • Just Reward — Veteran
  • Just Reward — Regular


  • Fix for some play­ers not receiv­ing their Sea­son 3 emblem
  • Fix­es to help reduce play­ers encoun­ter­ing Error Code 13–71. If you still expe­ri­ence this after today’s update, please reach out to Activi­sion Cus­tomer Support
  • Fix for a bug where the Ghost Perk was not hid­ing play­ers from the Heart­beat Sen­sor when view­ing the Killcam
  • Fixed an issue where some play­ers were unable to acti­vate a Nuke after get­ting the appro­pri­ate num­ber of kills
  • Fix for a bug where the 4th Oper­a­tor Mis­sion for Talon, “Com­plete 2 War­zone Plun­der Match­es” was not track­ing as intended
  • Fix for an issue where some play­ers could find long wait times when attempt­ing to load into Ground War matches
  • Fix for a bug where neu­tral Hard­points were appear­ing yel­low instead of grey
  • Var­i­ous exploit fix­es across mul­ti­ple maps
  • Fix for the Offi­cer Chal­lenge, “Get 20 kill while crouched” not track­ing prop­er­ly for some players
  • Fixed a bug where the white health regen was trig­ger­ing on down­ing oth­er play­ers even if Quick Fix wasn’t equipped
  • Fix for an exploit where play­ers could some­times call in dupli­cate UAVs
  • Added new weapon perks to the Spe­cial­ist Bonus (the bonus earned after get­ting 8 kills while spe­cial­ist is active): Fran­gi­ble-Dis­abling, Fran­gi­ble-Wound­ing, Mo’­Money, Recon, Heavy Hit­ter, FMJ, Pres­ence of Mind
  • Fixed a bug where play­ers were unable to per­form exe­cu­tions when on some ele­vat­ed surfaces
  • Fix­es to help pre­vent an issue where play­ers were able to move before the match count­down timer completed
  • Fix­es to help pre­vent against black graph­i­cal cor­rup­tion issues some play­ers were seeing
  • Fix for the “For the Cause” grip tape not appear­ing prop­er­ly on the base M4
  • Improved sta­bil­i­ty fix­es for PC
  • Fix­es to help pre­vent issues with voice chat


  • Low­ered ammo count for reload warn­ing on belt fed LMG
  • Fixed bug with HDR and Sleight of Hand where reload­ing would not give ammo to the player


  • Loot Update: New weapons and updat­ed Blue­prints! Be on the look­out for the Fen­nec, CR-56 Amax, Renet­ti, and more!
  • Fixed a bug where the Recon Con­tract could spawn inside an Ammo Sup­ply cache, mak­ing it unusable
  • After com­plet­ing the Con­tra­band Mis­sion and call­ing in the extract heli­copter, play­ers could shoot the heli­copter with­out receiv­ing hit­mark­ers and the heli­copter would remain on screen indefinitely
  • Fixed a bug where play­ers were able to drop their weapon in the Gulag
  • Fix for an exploit where play­ers were able to dupli­cate Self Revive kits


  • Fix for a bug where a play­er was stuck in 3rd per­son gameplay
  • Dai­ly Chal­lenges are now dis­played along­side Mul­ti­play­er and War­zone challenges
  • Fixed an issue where unlock­ing an Oper­a­tor skin in Co-Op would not unlock the base skin for that Oper­a­tor as well
  • Fixed a bug where the game would not end cor­rect­ly if the last play­er alive used Team Revive imme­di­ate­ly before dying


  • Fix for being able to dupli­cate the Jug­ger­naut Suit Muni­tion minigun
  • Fix for rare instances of waves not end­ing properly
  • Fixed an exploit on St. Pet­ro­grad where play­ers could ful­ly hide from sol­diers behind a bar

Source: Infin­i­ty Ward