Call Of Duty: Mobile Brings Zombies Back In Season 6 Update

The next sea­son for Call of Duty: Mobile is right around the cor­ner, and it’s brin­ing back Zom­bies mode–which was removed in 2020. Sea­son 6 is being called The Heat, and it arrives Thurs­day, July 29 at 5 AM PT / 8 AM ET on iOS and Android devices.

The fan-favorite Zom­bies mode returns, but it’s now called Undead Siege and will pre­miere on July 21st. In this mode, play­ers drop into the bat­tle royale map and are sup­posed to sur­vive for five days and five nights. Play­ers must scav­enge for resources dur­ing the day and then fight zom­bies at night.

The zom­bies get stronger and build in num­bers over time. To deal with them, play­ers can use their expe­ri­ence points to unlock new items, like the Shorty weapon blueprint.

Call Of Duty: Mobile Brings Zombies Back In Season 6 Update

Of course, Sea­son 6 is adding more than just Zom­bies. There is a new bat­tle pass that fea­tures 50 more tiers of con­tent to unlock, which includes a new oper­a­tor, the MX9 weapon, more call­ing cards, and plen­ty of Call of Duty points.

On the mul­ti­play­er side of things, Sea­son 6 is adding two new maps, both of which should be famil­iar to play­ers. These include Slums (orig­i­nal­ly from Black Ops II) and Stack (from Mod­ern Warfare). 

Sea­son 6 is also adding Call of Duty: Mobile’s next sea­sons of Ranked Series and Clan Wars. You can check out more on Sea­son 6 on the Call of Duty blog.

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