Call Of Duty WWII Resistance Patch Notes

Sledge­ham­mer Games has released a new patch acti­vat­ing the Resis­tance event con­tent, and a whole bunch of game fix­es. Full patch notes are below. They final­ly fixed the announc­er yelling at us in war.


Connectivity/Spawns/Performance/Split Screen/Mechanics

  • Inte­grat­ed spec­ta­tor issue fix that went live on PC. The issue is net­work con­nec­tion depen­dent, how­ev­er this fix pri­or­i­tizes mod­el stream­ing order to elim­i­nate the delay seen on ini­tial start. We will con­tin­ue to mon­i­tor on all plat­forms for any phase 2 fix­es needed.
  • Fixed issue with equip­ping score­streaks upon spawn­ing in after dying
  • Fixed issue where when play­er accepts invite to HQ, game crash­es with a fatal error or lost host connection
  • Fixed game crash issue in Oper­a­tion Neptune
  • Fixed issue on XB1 where play­ers pre­vi­ous­ly in a ded­i­cat­ed serv­er were load­ing into lis­ten serv­er HQ when resum­ing title from con­nect­ed standby
  • Fixed var­i­ous con­sole performance/lag issues with low frame rate, tele­port­ing, delayed hit mark­ers, and hitching
  • Sped up health regen
  • Removed shell­shock from friend­ly explosions
  • Fixed issue where scrolling caus­es game to crash
  • Fixed map vot­ing functionality
  • Fixed unlock Token issues with split screen
  • Fixed hard crash issues occur­ring mid-match
  • Fixed var­i­ous func­tion­al­i­ty and dis­con­nect issues due to host migration/inactivity
  • Fixed issue where play­er is stuck on launch­er tier after simul­ta­ne­ous­ly killing self and anoth­er play­er with Panzerschreck
  • Fixed issue where play­ers were unable to con­nect and receiv­ing error “Could­n’t con­nect to serv­er because the data is incompatible.”
  • Fixed var­i­ous split screen func­tion­al­i­ty issues



  • Fixed issue in Oper­a­tion Grif­fin where build­able wall lead­ing to Fuel Depot A is nonex­is­tent after sup­pos­ed­ly being built
  • Fixed var­i­ous out of map exploits



  • Fixed issue where play­ers were unable to win Gun Game by killing ene­mies with the throw­ing knife
  • Fixed rare issue where play­er loaded into an unbal­anced 7v5 Grid­iron match
  • Fixed issue in War Mode where play­ers are tem­porar­i­ly stuck after plant­i­ng the bomb
  • Fixed issue with Grid­iron AI drop­ping ball and not play­ing to objective
  • Fixed issue in S&D and CTF where play­ers were see­ing incor­rect Draw/Defeat messages


Par­ty System/HQ

  • Fixed issue with invi­tees being “kicked for inactivity”
  • Fixed var­i­ous Fir­ing Range issues
  • Fixed issues with par­ty mem­bers’ func­tion­al­i­ty loss results from leader’s actions
  • Fixed issue where play­ers expe­ri­ence a hard crash when attempt­ing to join HQ after a match
  • Fixed issues with par­ty invites
  • Fixed var­i­ous par­ty sys­tem func­tion­al­i­ty issues



  • Fixed issue where Call­ing Cards were show­ing up blank
  • Fixed split screen issue where first-time users see place­hold­er images/text after leav­ing first match and select­ing HQ
  • Moved HQ from being the first default option
  • Fixed issue in Mail where mul­ti­ples noti­fi­ca­tion was false­ly appearing
  • Fixed issue where weapon attach­ments were not appear­ing in AAR
  • Fixed issues with Pay­roll col­lec­tion UI
  • Added mes­sage stat­ing that using open NAT and net­work cable could improve UX
  • Fixed var­i­ous UI issues with emblems
  • Oth­er var­i­ous UI fix­es and improvements



  • Fixed issue where Infantry, Primed Basic Train­ing, and Hun­ker Basic Train­ing were not work­ing as intended
  • Fixed Pres­tige exploit
  • Fixed issue with weapon stats fail­ing to track properly


Orders, Con­tracts, Challenges

  • Fixed incon­sis­ten­cies and issues with TDM and DOM Kill Contracts
  • Fixed issue where var­i­ous Orders were not track­ing properly
  • Fixed issue where var­i­ous Orders were not com­plet­ing properly
  • Fixed issue where play­ers were not able to obtain cer­tain Week­ly Orders from Major Howard
  • Fixed issue where only Con­cus­sion Grenades were count­ing towards the “Get 5 kills on ene­mies affect­ed by a tac­ti­cal grenade” Order



  • Fixed issue where vol­ume of some announc­er VO lines in War Mode were loud­er than intended
  • Turned down foley foot­step vol­ume, as well as oth­er play­ers’ foot­step volume
  • Fixed issue where play­ers could hear ene­mies through voice chat dur­ing a match
  • Var­i­ous SFV improvements



  • Fixed issue where at start of game, not all arrows on map were placed at valid positions
  • Improved Sky Cam (Ham­mer Cam) functionality
  • Fixed issues with Dis­play and Divi­sion set­tings menus
  • Var­i­ous UI fix­es and improvements
  • Improved scrolling functionality


Sup­ply Drops

  • Fixed issue where open­ing a sup­ply drop after pur­chas­ing kicks play­ers back to the pre­vi­ous menu



  • Fixed issue where stats were not accu­rate­ly track­ing on scoreboard
  • Fixed issue where when tran­si­tion­ing between menus dur­ing a match count­down, a loss was tem­porar­i­ly added to the player’s record
  • Fixed UI issues with rank icons
  • Com­bat records are not updat­ed aside from Ranked Play stats when play­ing in Ranked Play games
  • Improved MMR logic
  • Improved con­sis­ten­cy of Place­ment Match­es to reflect actu­al wins/losses
  • Fixed issue where play­ers lose MMR after com­plet­ing a duo match
  • Fixed issue where MP Divi­sions were replaced with Ranked Play Divi­sions when play­ers left Ranked matches
  • Fixed addi­tion­al issues in Ranked Play with wins count­ing as losses
  • Fixed issue where Ranked Play stats were count­ing towards Glob­al stats
  • Oth­er var­i­ous UI fix­es and improvements


  • Fixed func­tion­al­i­ty issues with Mor­tar Strike and Care Package
  • Fixed issue where the Capo Verde GPMG was show­ing the body for the Fiore Di Morte
  • Fixed issue with over­lap­ping extend­ed mag art on GPMG
  • Fixed issue where not all vari­ants of the weapons that were tuned last week received the tun­ing changes
  • Fixed issue where user did not auto-switch to sec­ondary melee weapon when pri­ma­ry ran out of ammo
  • Nerfed the ammo mul­ti­pli­er of Ful­ly Loaded in con­junc­tion with buff­ing reserve ammo mul­ti­pli­er for all weapons, so the net total is near­ly unchanged
  • Improved ADS func­tion­al­i­ty for Sniper Rifles
  • Fixed issue where play­er becomes tem­porar­i­ly stuck after get­ting a Fatal melee kill
  • Fixed issue with Akim­bo pis­tol attach­ment field tuning
  • Fixed issue that allowed play­ers to equip a Score­streak with­out con­sum­ing it
  • Fixed issue grant­i­ng extra magazines
  • Fixed issue where dou­ble reload hap­pens on its own
  • Fixed Ice Pick UI and equip­ping issues
  • Fixed var­i­ous ret­i­cle inconsistencies
  • Fixed Iron Sights and ret­i­cle inconsistencies/alignment on GPMG and SVT-40
  • Fixed issue with equip­ping Molo­tovs after using Fight­er Pilot scorestreak
  • Fixed issue where play­er was able to equip mul­ti­ple attachments
  • Fixed dis­play issues with Trench Knife and its variants



  • Nerfed Cam­ou­flage so spe­cial meter drains faster
  • Improved noti­fi­ca­tions for when play­ers receive a sup­ply drop
  • Fixed Pres­tige and Sup­ply Drop exploits
  • Fixed issue where play­ers were unable to use base weapons with­out hav­ing to com­plete a Chal­lenge or Collection
  • Fixed issue where mods were not prop­er­ly applied in-game after selection
  • Fixed issues with Jack in the Box after respawning
  • Fixed count­down timer issues
  • Fixed issue where sign­ing into split screen pro­file caus­es title to hang for up to two minutes
  • Var­i­ous UI fix­es and improvements
  • Var­i­ous audio fix­es and improvements
  • Fixed var­i­ous map exploits
  • Fixed var­i­ous par­ty sys­tem issues


  • Resis­tance Event items
  • Full sup­port for Emblem Gallery

This patch has a lot of fix­es, looks like the Resis­tance event will be a lot of fun.

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