Gear­box has announced that Bor­der­lands 3 will indeed be com­ing to PlaySta­tion 5 and Xbox Series X/ Series S on the day of their launch: Novem­ber 10th for Xbox and Novem­ber 12th for PlaySta­tion 5.

It was pre­vi­ous­ly stat­ed that the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S ver­sions of Bor­der­lands 3 will be free to every­one who own the game on the respec­tive pre­vi­ous-ten con­sole. Add-on con­tent and your save file will also be trans­ferred. How­ev­er, if you own the discs ver­sion of the game, you need the disc dri­ve ver­sion of that con­sole in order to claim your free copy.

Bor­der­lands 3 will receive an update so it can take advan­tage of the next-gen horse­pow­er, includ­ing 4K sup­port at 60 FPS, along­side three- and four-play­er split-screen for local mul­ti­play­er. Ver­ti­cal split-screen for two-play­er co-op is also includ­ed, and will come to the Xbox One and PS4 ver­sions when the new con­sole launch­es. Cross-plat­form play has been con­firmed, allow­ing con­sole play­ers to play with one anoth­er regard­less of the plat­form of choice.

Although the Bor­der­lands 3 sea­son pass is also tapped out, the game will still receive more con­tent in the next few months, includ­ing an upcom­ing Arms Race Mode.