The many whis­pers of a remas­ter Dia­blo are true. Bliz­zard is actu­al­ly devel­op­ing a remas­ter of its clas­sic PC game, Dia­blo II. Its been titled Dia­blo II: Res­ur­rect­ed. Bliz­zard describes it as the “defin­i­tive remas­ter­ing” of the game, along with its expan­sion, Lord of Destruc­tion. The orig­i­nal files of the game were said to to have been lost by the orig­i­nal cre­ators, so it’s rather sur­pris­ing a remas­ter is in the works at all.

But it’s hap­pen­ing, and it’s head­ing to the PC and con­sole. Dia­blo II: Res­ur­rect­ed launch­es in 2021, releas­ing on PC, Xbox One/ Series X and S, PlaySta­tion 4/5 and Nin­ten­do Switch. It also fea­tures cross-play between plat­forms. Addi­tion­al­ly, pro­gres­sions can move between plat­forms. The game is being devel­oped by Tony Hawk stu­dio Vic­ar­i­ous Visions, which recent­ly joined the folds of Bliz­zard Entertainment. 

Res­ur­rect­ed makes big changes to Dia­blo II. 2D sprites have been replaced with “full 3D phys­i­cal­ly-based ren­der­ing, fea­tur­ing dynam­ic light­ing and revamped ani­ma­tions. The game will sup­port res­o­lu­tions up to 4K, depend­ing on your plat­form of course.

Bliz­zard also informed fans that all 27 min­utes of the game’s cin­e­mat­ics are get­ting shot-for-shot remakes “from the ground up.” The sound­track has been updat­ed too, with sup­port for Dol­by 7.1.

Dia­blo II was a piv­otal game for Bliz­zard and mil­lions of play­ers around the world. With Dia­blo II: Res­ur­rect­ed, we’re excit­ed to bring this clas­sic back to PC and also to consoles–with cross-pro­gres­sion on sup­port­ed platforms–so that play­ers can relive their mem­o­ries, or expe­ri­ence Dia­blo II’s time­less game­play for the first time, on their plat­form of choice,” Bliz­zard pres­i­dent J. Allen Brack said. “With the new high-res­o­lu­tion audio and video in Dia­blo II: Res­ur­rect­ed, the game is as fun and engross­ing today as it was twen­ty years ago.”

Res­ur­rect­ed also has a clas­sic mode.. kind of, allow­ing you to press a but­ton to switch between mod­ern and retro graph­ics. Trade­mark game­play, “quirks and all,” will be includ­ed in Res­ur­rect­ed, along with qual­i­ty-of-life improve­ments like the intro­duc­tion of a shared stash. 

A tech­ni­cal alpha test is cur­rent­ly in the works for PC and you can sign upd for it on the Dia­blo 2 web­site.