Big Call Of Duty WWII Patch Incoming December 7th

Sledge Ham­mer Games is releas­ing anoth­er patch for Call Of Duty WWII to fur­ther improve the game after its very rocky launch. Com­ing Decem­ber 7th (tomor­row as of this writ­ing) a new patch will be  avail­able for Call Of Duty WWII on Playsta­tion 4 and Xbox One. This patch includes mul­ti­ple high­ly request­ed fix­es and brings sup­port for the upcom­ing Win­ter Siege event. The patch notes will be avail­able once the patch releas­es, but Sledge Ham­mer did give us a lit­tle preview:


  • Fixed Score­streak Train­ing exploits
  • Fixed Pres­tige exploits
  • Added Mute All in option in HQ
  • (+ much more…)


  • Ranked Play UI issues with track­ing wins and losses
  • Gen­er­al con­nec­tiv­i­ty issues find­ing Ranked Play matches
  • Ranked Play count­ing towards glob­al stats
  • (+ more…)


  • Issue where play­ers lost all XP upon leav­ing match
  • Issue where play­ers were unable to open sup­ply drops after Prestiging
  • (+ more…)

So far its look­ing pret­ty good. We will post the full patch notes as soon as they are avail­able, until then check out our Call Of Duty WWII review and the Win­ter Siege event info dump. Call Of Duty WWII on the PC will be get­ting a patch includ­ing Ranked Play, The Emblem Edi­tor and some PC spe­cif­ic stuff on Decem­ber 8th at 10am PT.

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