Battlefront 2 Beta Details Announced

Today EA Games announced the details for the upcom­ing Star­wars Bat­tle­Front beta, The beta starts Octo­ber 4th for play­ers who pre-order and then goes to an open beta for every­one on Octo­ber 6th. 

Here is what you get to do, via The Playsta­tion Blog

Galactic Assault on Naboo

  • Join the Sep­a­ratist droid army or the Repub­lic Clones on the streets of Theed in mas­sive 40 play­er mul­ti­play­er melees.
  • Choose from four dis­tinct troop­er classes: 
    • Assault troop­ers are clas­sic flankers, push­ing the line for­ward and advanc­ing the front.
    • Heavy troop­ers use their high-pow­ered weapons and per­son­al body shields to take ground and hold it.
    • Offi­cers pow­er up their team­mates with buffs and deploy remote weapons to sup­port their allies.
    • Spe­cial­ists lay traps and snipe from a distance.
  • Con­trol beloved Star Wars heroes, pilot pre­quel-era vehi­cles, and more.

Multiplayer Starfighter Assault

[pul­lquote]We’re not shar­ing all the details around this yet, but we can tell you that you’ll be able to take part in an epic starfight­er assault set dur­ing the orig­i­nal tril­o­gy era, pilot­ing an assort­ment of Star Wars’ great­est ships in an objec­tive-based, mul­ti-stage bat­tle. You’ll be learn­ing much more about starfight­ers in Star Wars Bat­tle­front II at gamescom.[/pullquote] - Jared Pet­ty Com­mu­ni­ty Man­ag­er, EA

Play­ers who pre-order can start play­ing the beta Octo­ber 4th and the rest of us get to try it out Octo­ber 6th. The beta ends Octo­ber 9th for both pre-orders and gen­er­al players. 

If you want more info head over to The Playsta­tion Blog to check it out.

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