Battlefield 1: They Shall Not Pass DLC Detailed

The first of Bat­tle­field­’s paid DLC, set for launch in March, has been detailed. 

Includ­ed in the pack is 4 maps, the French army, a new mode, vehi­cles, an elite class, and a new sta­tion­ary weapon.

The weapon is called the Siege How­itzer, and is fired in the same man­ner as mor­tars.  The class is called the Trench Raider.  Based on the descrip­tion, this class uses a trench club and grenades, so hope­ful­ly it comes with increased move­ment speed or at least longer sprint.

The vehi­cles seem to be the French mod­els of WWI armor — the Char 2C and the St. Chamond.

Front­line is the new game mode, and it sim­u­lates just that — the front lines.  It’s a clever blend of Con­quest and Rush done tug-of-war style.  Both teams fight over a sin­gle objec­tive at a time, effec­tive­ly mov­ing that line.  Cap­tur­ing the ene­my base at the end of the line turns the game into Rush, fight­ing to destroy or defend the lines of communication. 

It sounds like a far bet­ter mod­el for the Grand Oper­a­tions modes.  If there isn’t a time or tick­et lim­it, games might go on for quite a while.

The map descrip­tions, as well as every­thing else, can be found here on the offi­cial Bat­tle­field site. 

Final Thoughts:  Even though this is paid DLC, this pack is an homage to the role the French played in WWI.  That, cou­pled with the inten­si­ty of the new mode, might make this a wor­thy purchase.




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