Battleborn Easter Eggs Reveal Borderlands 3 Details

Thanks to the com­bined efforts of the offi­cial Bat­tle­born forums, all east­er eggs relat­ed to Bor­der­lands 3 have been found. 

In each of Bat­tle­born’s five DLCs a small por­tal could be found and a noise could be heard com­ing from each por­tal. With­in that noise was morse code. The process of decod­ing the mes­sage proved hard­er than most would imag­ine. Two pieces of audio had to be reversed and all the audio con­tained back­ground noise that inter­fered with the decod­ing process. After weeks of try­ing to fig­ure this out the mes­sage was final­ly decod­ed by user WhatsMy­NameA­gain 


Promethea (pre­sum­ably the same word as Prom­e­tea) is a plan­et where the Atlus cor­po­ra­tion first found alien tech­nol­o­gy. The plan­et is also stat­ed to have even worse liv­ing con­di­tions than Pan­do­ra by Atlas pro­pa­gan­da and cit­i­zens of Sanc­tu­ary. Going to this plan­et in Bor­der­lands 3 would make sense giv­en its his­to­ry. It would also give Gear­box a chance to mix things up after hav­ing the series take place on Pan­do­ra for the major­i­ty of four games.

The chil­dren of the vault like­ly refer to Vault Hunters. The “we” in the third line could be Erid­i­ans, the cre­ators of the vault. They used to live, at least part­ly, on Pan­do­ra, but dis­ap­pear some­time after the cre­ation of the vaults. Giv­en their advanced tech­nol­o­gy, it would­n’t be a stretch if they still lived some­where out­side of what humans could see. 

It is hard to under­stand why the Erid­i­ans would tell Vault Hunters where more Vault are. So far every Vault Hunter has opened or entered every vault they have found. If the Erid­i­ans want­ed the vaults to stay closed, why would they trust the Vault Hunters with the loca­tion of more vaults? Per­haps the plan­et is not where a Vault is, but where this “we” can com­mu­ni­cate with the Vault Hunters who have proved pow­er­ful enough to take on the mon­sters with­in Vaults.

Battleborn Easter Eggs Reveal Borderlands 3 Details

Final­ly the most inter­est­ing tid-bit is about Tan­nis. She has always shown to have a greater under­stand­ing of Erid­i­ans and the Vaults than any­one else. It could be that she has this under­stand­ing because she is more than just human. The use of the “what she is” rather than “who she is” leads me to believe this. Tan­nis could be influ­enced by aliens relat­ed to Vaults or an alien herself. 

Tan­nis has always showed great inter­est in open­ing Vaults even to a fault. She had known the loca­tion of the var­i­ous key frag­ments before the play­er met her in the first Bor­der­lands. Mean­ing she was seek­ing to build the Key and like­ly use it. Tan­nis has even seem­ing­ly betrayed the Vault hunter in the first game so the Vault could be opened. Com­man­der Steele plain­ly states that Tan­nis joined her. Tan­nis does not refute this and mere­ly states she went along with the plan because it seemed like the Vault hunter would enjoy it. Tan­nis is not trust­wor­thy and her obses­sion with Vaults has led her to make ques­tion­able deci­sions. This obses­sion could put her against any­one who wish­es to keep Vaults closed. 

So what does this all mean for Bor­der­lands 3? Well the game will either be set on anoth­er plan­et besides Pan­do­ra or will take place on mul­ti­ple plan­ets. Some more advance group is reach­ing out to “chil­dren of the vault”. The scale of the sto­ry will go beyond just one Vault and plan­et lev­el dan­ger. Tan­nis is more than just an insane bacon hat­ing sci­en­tist and will play some antag­o­nis­tic role in the game. 

Gear­box will have a pan­el at PAX East next week­end on March 12th so be on the look out for more infor­ma­tion when the time comes.

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