Atari’s Mysterious Console Now has a Pre-Order Date

While no one real­ly knows for sure what this curi­ous look­ing con­sole will entail, the Atari com­pa­ny has stat­ed that pre-orders will be avail­able on May 30th. If you are look­ing to pre-order, they are avail­able through Indiegogo. You can pre-order the Onyx ver­sion and the Col­lec­tor’s Edi­tion wood­en-pan­el front, for that clas­sic feel. 

Cur­rent­ly, the Onyx ver­sion will be $200 (for a lim­it­ed time). How­ev­er, the Col­lec­tor’s Edi­tion does­n’t have a list­ed pre-order price. Any­one who signs up for the com­pa­ny’s newslet­ter (from the offi­cial web­site) before May 24th, will receive pre-order bonus­es. Ship­ments are sup­posed to launch by Spring 2019. 

As this con­sole is a mys­tery, it’s unclear what its main func­tion will be. It runs the Lin­ux OX, which is odd in its own right. How­ev­er, the Atari VCS will fea­ture 100 clas­sic games and an updat­ed ver­sion of the joy­stick. The com­pa­ny also stat­ed it was more than just a “retro-box”. The con­sole will be func­tion with a mod­ern day con­troller and will hav­ing the abil­i­ty to stream con­tent, as well as being able to play more “mod­ern games”.

Atari's Mysterious Console Now has a Pre-Order Date

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