Assas­s­in’s Creed Val­hal­la deal­ing with some crash­ing issues since the release of the Title Update 1.2.0. While there is no per­ma­nent solu­tion yet, the devel­op­ment team at Ubisoft have come up with a tem­po­rary fix. This new hot­fix has removed cer­tain items and quests that con­tribute to the prob­lem. Hope­ful­ly, this should let you expe­ri­ence Raven­sthor­pe with­out get­ting “desyn­chro­nized.”

It appears set­tle­ment dec­o­ra­tions are behind the crash­es, so those have been removed from the game, along with quests for the Ostara Fes­ti­val that involves those items. Once a per­ma­nent solu­tion is released, these items should be back in the game. Ubisoft set a time­frame of “some­time next week” for the larg­er fix.

While this issue has­n’t been in the game long, you may not have even encoun­tered it. Obvi­ous­ly, enough play­ers have dealt with it for Ubisoft to take notice and fix it as soon as possible.