Ark’s Ragnarok SW Desert Section Opens Up: Patch Notes Here

The Rag­narok devel­op­ers for Ark have final­ly opened the first sec­tion of desert, which is locat­ed in the south­west. This is one of three, the devel­op­er stat­ing they “will open up for the play­ers as each sec­tion is complete”.

Ark's Ragnarok SW Desert Section Opens Up: Patch Notes Here


This is the least dan­ger­ous sec­tion of all three and will feature:

  • Abil­i­ty to place tree plat­forms on some desert rocks
  • oil/water veins
  • Explorable canyons
  • dense met­al and obsid­i­an locations
  • Flat build­ing plateaus
  • New vista locations
  • 3 caves (2 build­ing caves)

Spawns on Rag­narok have not been con­sis­tent since it’s release, so it also got some love in this patch:

  • Increased chance of Spin­os spawning
  • Decreased total Coel amount in the ocean
  • Moved Leeds away from the coast/coastal inlets (Should now spawn far­ther out in the ocean)
  • New Giga Spawn added in the South­west region (Near Green Obelisk)
  • Increased chance of Ther­izino spawns
  • Wyverns added into Pur­ple Crys­tal Wyvern Den off the coast (This will help eggs show up more fre­quent­ly as well)
  • Desert Spawns read­just­ed and ready for new sec­tion of map

Rag has also had sooo many mesh­ing prob­lems and lag issues, it’s quite frus­trat­ing. This has been addressed, but who real­ly knows if these adjust­ments will fix any of the prob­lems. There are over 300+ bug fix­es, which is 6 pages long. The Rag­narok devel­op­er did­n’t list all of them, but if we find the full list, it will be updated:

Bug Fix­es

(This includes but not lim­it­ed to)
— Fixed tall grass in swamp (low­ered to not be 3 foun­da­tions high)
— Fixed mesh hole exploits
— Fixed many play­er stuck points
— Fixed float­ing foliage
— Fixed mesh collision
— Fixed water now work­ing in rivers
— Fixed player/dino tele­port issues
— Fixed some dinosaur spawn issues
— Fixed boss fight exploits
— Fixed Dun­geon exploits
— Fixed unreach­able resources
— Fixed unob­tain­able sup­ply drops
— Fixed Proxy issues
— Fixed Vol­ume issues

Ark's Ragnarok SW Desert Section Opens Up: Patch Notes Here

Source: Ark

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