Ark PS4 Patch Released, Adds Stuff, Breaks Stuff

Stu­dio Wild­card has released a patch for the PS4 ver­sion of Ark. This lat­est patch brings the otter and the phoenix to Ark as well as some opti­miza­tions and improve­ments to help the game run bet­ter in general.

Many peo­ple may have a hard time tam­ing the new Phoenix though, while this last patch does con­tain some fix­es it also breaks cross ark trav­el­ing for some peo­ple. Looks like a fix for that will not be hap­pen­ing until at least Monday.

It’s very frus­trat­ing, but there is a work around. Go to a bea­con and trans­fer to a new serv­er, when the load­ing screen comes up, quit Ark. Open Ark and con­nect to the map that you want­ed to trans­fer to, it will prompt you to down­load your sur­vivor as usual.

I know that’s not real­ly con­ve­nient but as of now it is the only way to trans­fer between servers.

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