Ark PS4 Patch and Ragnarok Delayed, Again

I’m sure you have already noticed that the Xbox One and Playsta­tion 4 ver­sions of Ark are in real­ly bad shape, so bad that the Xbox One ver­sion of Ark has been tem­porar­i­ly been revert­ed to “Origa­mi” Dinos, and the PS4 ver­sion has­n’t even received the lat­est con­tent and bug fix­es at all.

Ark PS4 Patch and Ragnarok Delayed, Again
Those love­ly down­grad­ed Dinos

At E3 Wild­card announced that a new free Ark titled Rag­narok would be avail­able to con­sole play­ers on July 4th, mak­ing a lot of the play­er base very, very hap­py. Well that has been delayed until July 19th.


Don’t hold your breath that it will actu­al­ly release on the 18th, Wild­card com­mu­ni­ty man­ag­er Jat pret­ty much says don’t hold your breath.

It is very frus­trat­ing for con­sole play­ers to have bug fix­es and con­tent addi­tions con­stant­ly delayed. Most play­ers seem to be flock­ing to unof­fi­cial ded­i­cat­ed servers to off­set the ter­ri­ble lag and oth­er issues on Offi­cial servers, Even then things like a bro­ken imprint set­ting slid­er and giant bees no spawn­ing in bee­hives makes it hard to have a authen­tic expe­ri­ence while play­ing, leav­ing serv­er admins to con­stant­ly come up with cre­ative ways to keep play­ers hap­py and enter­tained while work­ing around the bugs on con­sole that seem to con­stant­ly be pushed off and not fixed.

Have any of you had enough of Ark and its prob­lems? Let us know how you feel about all this.

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