Ark PS4 Patch Delayed Again, 6th Time.

To the sur­prise of nobody Stu­dio Wild­card has delayed the “upcom­ing” Ark PS4 patch again.

No word on when we will get this patch, this leaves PS4 Ark play­ers very frus­trat­ed as we don’t get the bug fix­es we need to keep play­ing the game we paid for. For 2 months PS4 users have watched both Xbox and to a greater extent PC play­ers get­ting reg­u­lar updates that fix some of the game break­ing bugs in Ark. Its good to see things get­ting fixed but those of us on PS4 haven’t seen a fix in 2 months, just delay after delay. The word­ing used on a recent tweet makes me think the Ark PS4 patch will be a vari­a­tion of the patch­es that Xbox and PC got, leav­ing us to won­der if the PS4 ver­sion is always going to be the infe­ri­or version.

It went from being “On par with Xbox and PC” to “As good as it can be” and that con­cerns me very much. Its not right to treat pay­ing cus­tomers like this. If they can’t make it work the same on PS4 as on oth­er plat­forms they need to tell us, so all of us PS4 users (There is a lot more of us than Xbox) can decide if Ark is even a game we want to play after release.

This marks the 6th delay for this sin­gle patch in 2 months on the Playsta­tion 4. If Wild­card does­n’t fix their crap and start actu­al­ly telling us what is going on, peo­ple will just stop play­ing and buy­ing Ark.

Us includ­ed. /rant

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