Ark Gets Free DLC and A Retail Release Date

Today dur­ing E3 events, Stu­dio Wild­card devel­op­er of Ark: Sur­vival Evolved announced that the ear­ly access dar­ling will final­ly see its retail release on August 8th 2017 for PC, Xbox One and Playsta­tion 4.

Also today in a sur­prise announce­ment, It was revealed that all play­ers who own Ark right now get a free DLC addi­tion. A new Ark named Rag­narok is avail­able free to all user now on PC, and July 4th 2017 for consoles.

Ark Gets Free DLC and A Retail Release Date

Rag­narok is the first prod­uct of Wild­cards Spon­sored Mod Pro­gram. Now avail­able free as an offi­cial map. 

Rag­narok fea­ture most of the dinos cur­rent­ly in Ark, plus two new Dinos only avail­able on Ragnarok.

Ark Gets Free DLC and A Retail Release Date

The Ice Wyvern is exclu­sive to Rag­narok and can not be trans­ferred to the island, cen­ter and scorched earth at this time. We hope that changes.

Ark Gets Free DLC and A Retail Release Date  The grif­fin is a new end game dino avail­able on on Rag­narok but can be trans­ferred to oth­er Arks.

Also announced was the spe­cial edi­tions of Ark

Ark Gets Free DLC and A Retail Release Date

ARK: Sur­vival Evolved — Lim­it­ed Col­lec­tor’s Edi­tion ($159.99 USD)

The ulti­mate ARK fan’s dream, the lim­it­ed Col­lec­tor’s Edi­tion is a col­lectible faux-wood­en chest box that con­tains the ARK Explorer’s Edi­tion (base game + Sea­son Pass) along with…

  • A hand­craft­ed leather-bound Explor­er’s Note­book, fea­tur­ing the Dossiers of every in-game creature
  • An offi­cial ARK necklace
  • A cloth map of the ARK island
  • A poster of the Stu­dio Wild­card devel­op­ment team
  • The offi­cial ARK: Sur­vival Evolved sound­track, record­ed live at Abbey Road with the Phil­har­mo­nia Orchestra
  • Man­u­fac­tured by Tri­force, the best design­er of high-qual­i­ty video game collectibles!”

Ark: Sur­vival Evolved — Explor­ers Edi­tion ($99.99 USD)

The Explor­er’s Edi­tion takes the base game and adds even MORE — intro­duc­ing a Sea­son Pass that will grant access to all expan­sion packs, start­ing with Scorched Earth (avail­able now) and includ­ing more packs launch­ing lat­er this year and into 2018.”

Check out the trail­er for Rag­narok below

Wild­card also said there are more big things com­ing before and after launch and a big sur­prise dur­ing launch. August isn’t very far off, Are you excit­ed for the final release and new con­tent in Ark?

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