Ark Eggcelent Adventure and New Patch Live On Consoles

Stu­dio Wild­card has released anoth­er patch for Ark Sur­vival Evolved on con­soles. This patch brings the Egg­cel­lent Adven­ture event and con­tains a few fixes. 

Dur­ing Egg­cel­lent Adven­ture, sur­vivors will be able to col­lect spe­cial “Bun­ny Eggs” across the ARK from wild Bun­ny Dodo’s and Bun­ny Ovi­rap­tor’s. These Bun­ny Eggs can paint or used in spe­cial Cook­ing Pot recipes to craft hol­i­day-themed items such as Bun­ny Ears, a Bun­ny Cos­tume for the Pro­coptodon, are two brand new cos­met­ics: the Knit­ted Chick Hat and Egg Shell Hat for both sur­vivor and dino!”- Stu­dio Wildcard

  • Wild crea­tures roam­ing the ARKs will find them­selves feel­ing egg­cel­lent, sport­ing bright colours of Green, Magen­ta, Yel­low, and Blue.
  • Wild Dodos are replaced by Bun­ny Dodos  — with ears, tam­ing dis­abled, and drop 50% con­sum­able dodo eggs and 50% Bun­ny eggs
  • Wild Ovi­rap­tors are replaced by Bun­ny Ovi­rap­tors — with ears, tam­ing dis­abled, and drop 50% con­sum­able Ovi­rap­tor eggs and 50% Bun­ny Eggs
  • Bun­ny Eggs can be placed on the ground and painted
  • Bun­ny Eggs will expire after approx­i­mate­ly two weeks from inven­to­ries, and placed eggs will imme­di­ate­ly decay once the event is turned off.
  • Run your pri­vate serv­er with ‘-ActiveEvent=Easter’ to turn on the event
  • Run­ning the same serv­er with­out ‑ActiveEvent=Easter will delete all placed egg structures
  • PC play­ers can use Steam > ARK > Prop­er­ties > Gen­er­al > Set Launch Options and paste in ‑ActiveEvent=Easter to expe­ri­ence the event in sin­gle play­er/non-ded­i­cat­ed/­play­er ded­i­cat­ed worlds. You must enable the event your­self in these modes.
  • Event is not avail­able in Prim­i­tive Plus, or sin­gle play­er con­sole worlds, non-ded­i­cat­ed con­sole servers, or play­er ded­i­cat­ed con­sole servers. Con­sole can how­ev­er spawn and use the new cos­met­ics with the com­mand below.

On top of the event the con­soles also see some fix­es and HDR and True Sky sup­port on the Playsta­tion 4 pro.

Serv­er Ver­sion: 520.2

- Fixed an exploit that allowed play­ers to get through the map/mesh
— Fixed issue where a sec­ond instance of cer­tain boss fights could be start­ed while some­one was already inside
— Rework extinc­tion mode save nuk­ing to kill sub­fold­ers as well
— Increased plant pro­jec­tile dam­age by 2.5x
— Pro­jec­tiles do 3x dam­age to dura­bil­i­ty of chest pieces while a glid­er is attached
— Added log­ic to trans­late dam­age from play­er to their glider
— Added 10s cooldown between glides
— Low­ered glide speed by 40%

Client Ver­sion: v520.1

- HDR Sup­port for the PS4 Pro
— TrueSky Sup­port for the PS4 Pro

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