Ark Aberration Has A Release Date

Stu­dio Wild­card has put anoth­er release date on their upcom­ing paid DLC Aber­ra­tion. The new release date is Decem­ber 12th 2017. Ark is no stranger to delays, the game itself had mul­ti­ple delays, hell the devel­op­ers even delayed a Ps4 patch for what felt like every week for months. Aber­ra­tion fea­tures a new set­ting, a mal­func­tion­ing Ark with radi­a­tion, new crea­tures to tame and fight, new gear and tools and some new mechan­ics such as radi­a­tion. This new creepy ark fea­tures some pret­ty neat new crea­tures such as the Bulb­dog in the image above. Wing­suits and cliff climb­ing look to be game chang­ers and the dark, creepy theme will be inter­est­ing for a while.

Even with our his­to­ry with Ark and all the frus­tra­tion I am actu­al­ly going to play aber­ra­tion, sin­gle play­er just because It does actu­al­ly look cool, but I have almost no faith that it will launch Decem­ber 12th, If it does some­how make that dead­line I am expect­ing glitch­es galore (Its Ark, the strongest ene­my in the game is the game itself.) Sor­ry for the late infor­ma­tion, We had some life chang­ing events hap­pen and they put us behind, Looks like we are back on track now so we will be back to the reg­u­lar news updates and even some streaming!!!

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