Sony has had anoth­er law­suit filed against them regard­ing its dig­i­tal game sales. The suit alleges that PlaySta­tion cus­tomers have been over­charged by “bil­lions” of dol­lars because of poli­cies that pre­vent retail­ers from sell­ing their own dig­i­tal game codes.

The law­suit Cen­de­jas v. Sony Inter­ac­tive Enter­tain­ment was filed in the Unit­ed Stat­ed Dis­trict Court for the North­ern Dis­trict of Cal­i­for­nia. It fol­lows a sep­a­rate law­suit, Cac­curi v. Sony Inter­ac­tive Enter­tain­ment, which is argu­ing the same issue.

Before April 1st, 2019, PlaySta­tion Store dig­i­tal games could be pur­chased at retail­ers with code cards. This allowed retail­ers to set the prices and put them on sale. This is no longer an option, mean­ing Microsoft­’s dig­i­tal game store some­times gets bet­ter prices than Sony’s. Microsoft codes are still sold at retail­ers for Xbox consoles.

The Cen­de­jas case also specif­i­cal­ly calls out the PlaySta­tion 5 Dig­i­tal Edi­tion, since it only sup­ports the PlaySta­tion Store. The stan­dard PS5 sup­ports discs, giv­ing play­ers the abil­i­ty to look around for phys­i­cal ver­sions for games.

Another Lawsuit Against Sony Accuses The Company of Overcharging For Games

Accord­ing to attor­ney Richard Hoeg, sim­i­lar cas­es will like­ly be lumped into one to be heard in court.

You’ll only get mul­ti­ple law­suits if there is some ele­ment of a complaint/proposed class that is mate­ri­al­ly dif­fer­ent from oth­er claims,” Hoeg told GameSpot. “In gen­er­al, though, you’ll just be look­ing at one case.”

Sony has made it impos­si­ble for cer­tain retail­ers to offer con­sole par­i­ty on their dig­i­tal game sales. For instance, Newegg has recent­ly been tak­ing $10 off on dig­i­tal Xbox games, includ­ing Res­i­dent Evil Vil­lage and Bio­mu­tant. With­out a way to sell game codes, retail­ers can’t offer sav­ings to PlaySta­tion users.