Devel­op­er Inner­sloth has detailed some changes com­ing in future updates to Among Us. This includes over­haul­ing the art style, grow­ing the size of lob­bies and being more open about development. 

Accord­ing to a blog post on the game’s page, Inner­sloth co-founder Mar­cus “Puff­balls Unit­ed” Bro­man­der has “com­plete­ly updat­ed the art style with clean­er lines and an eas­i­er ani­ma­tion process.” Lob­by size will be increased to 15.

As far as being more trans­par­ent, the stu­dio said its pri­or­i­ty is to “show [the com­mu­ni­ty] the devel­op­ment process, what does on behind the scenes, and for [the com­mu­ni­ty] to grow with us.” 

Last­ly, Among Us fans can vis­it the game’s online store to try their hands at get­ting a crew­mate plushie. They’re cur­rent­ly sold out, and can only be pur­chased through the offi­cial store, and stand about six inch­es in height.

Among Us Future Updates Include Art Style Revamp And Larger Lobbies