Cheaters have been reck­ing hav­oc in the decep­tion game Among Us, with play­ers see­ing mul­ti­ple types of cheat­ing sit­u­a­tions. This includes nick­names being edit­ed, entire crews being eject­ed at the start of a match and games where there’s an extra imposter. Inner­sloth, the three per­son stu­dio behind the game, has been try­ing to solve this problem. 

Among Us pro­gram­mer, For­est Willard told Kotaku the steps the team was tak­ing to mit­i­gate the cheat­ing. “We’re rush­ing to get an account sys­tem in place so we can have bet­ter mod­er­a­tion and report­ing sys­tems built around that. Also get­ting help with mak­ing the servers bet­ter at detect­ing and block­ing hacks. And inves­ti­gat­ing client-side hack pre­ven­tion as well. I’m sort of scram­bling to get all the right peo­ple in place, but I’m attack­ing it from mul­ti­ple angles so it can get bet­ter in many ways hope­ful­ly at once.”

There are no rewards, comet­ic or not, for win­ning in Among Us. So the rea­son for cheat­ing boils down to the human condition. 

Among Us has become rather pop­u­lar over the last coupe of months, and with pop­u­lar­i­ty (much like Fall Guys) of an online game, comes the pos­si­bil­i­ty of ram­pant cheaters. Inner­sloth did­n’t expect such a growth of play­ers, so they’re now try­ing to com­bat this cheat­ing issue. The stu­dio has already can­celled their planned sequel so they could focus on improv­ing the cur­rent title.