Ama­zon’s upcom­ing MMO New World, is off to a rather good start. The game’s closed beta has brought more than 200,000 con­cur­rent play­ers on Steam. It’s now one of the ser­vice’s most-pop­u­lar titles overall. 

This is accord­ing to the lat­est pub­lic play­er data from Steam, which shows that New World passed 200,000 over the week­end, putting it ahead of games like Rust, Team Fortress 2, Rain­bow Six Siege, War­frame and Path of Exile. 

New World’s ear­ly suc­cess on Steam in attrib­uted to Ama­zon’s strug­gle with games over the recent years. Their free-to-play shoot­er Cru­cible did­n’t go as planned, and was lat­er can­celed. They were also mak­ing a Lord of the Rings MMO until a sup­posed con­tract dis­pute, which sub­se­quent­ly end­ed this title as well. Ama­zon also had a game in called Break­away, but that was can­celed too.

A report from Bloomberg doc­u­ment­ed a pat­tern of mis­man­age­ment with­in Ama­zon’s game divi­sion. Although Ama­zon has been strug­gling to find a foot­ing in the gam­ing world, the com­pa­ny’s new CEO, Andy Jassy, stat­ed he’s com­mit­ted to gaming.

Amazon's MMO, New World, Reaches 200,000 Concurrent Players On Steam

Some busi­ness­es take off in the first year, and oth­ers take many years,” Jassy said. “Though we haven’t con­sis­tent­ly suc­ceed­ed yet in [Ama­zon Game Stu­dios], I believe we will if we hang in there.”

Even though New World has been doing well on Steam, it diid cause some prob­lems with high-end graph­ic cards, fry­ing them while play­ing the closed beta. How­ev­er, those who had an EVGA mod­el will get a replacement.