Activision Officially Announces the Spyro Trilogy

The rumors of the three orig­i­nal Spy­ro titles being remas­tered, has final­ly been con­firmed and right from Activi­sion them­selves. Spy­ro Reignit­ed Tril­o­gy is the offi­cial name and Activi­sion even includ­ed a trail­er. It shows off all the graph­i­cal adjust­ments the Toys for Bob team made, while also show­ing com­par­isons from the orig­i­nal Spyro. 

This tril­o­gy is com­ing to the PS4 (and the Pro) and Xbox One (includ­ing all three). It was­n’t spe­cif­ic on whether there will be enhance­ments for the PS4 Pro or the Xbox One X. 

Activision Officially Announces the Spyro Trilogy

It also offi­cial­ly has a release date, Sep­tem­ber 21st, 2018. This makes it fall right into same month of Spy­ro the Drag­on’s ini­tial release date back in 1998. To cel­e­brate Spy­ro’s 20th anniver­say, Activi­sion gave cur­rent Crash Bandi­coot N.Sane Tril­o­gy own­ers a lit­tle sur­prise. When at the title screen of Crash Bandi­coot 3: Warped, enter this code: ↑↑↓↓←→←→ square. It trig­gers the Spy­ro Reignit­ed Tril­o­gy trail­er to start.

Activision Officially Announces the Spyro Trilogy Activision Officially Announces the Spyro Trilogy

Every lev­el of all three titles has been added to the tril­o­gy, the lead devel­op­ment team (Toys for Bob) did­n’t leave any detail out from the orig­i­nals. They had access to all the orig­i­nal assets, and talked about how the team went about mak­ing the changes. You can see the full sto­ry on PlaySta­tion’s blog.

Not only did the devel­op­er stay as true to the orig­i­nals as pos­si­ble, Spy­ro’s voice actor is also back. Tom Ken­ny, who was the voice actor in Spy­ro 2: Rip­to’s Rage and Spy­ro: Year of the Drag­on, will be doing Spy­ro’s voice for all three titles in the trilogy. 

You can pre-order Spy­ro Reignit­ed Tril­o­gy start­ing today. The whole tril­o­gy will cost $40.  

Source: Activi­sion

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