Gear­box announced a new sea­son­al event for Bor­der­lands 3 today, titled Revenge of the Car­tels. It will run for a lit­tle over a month, start­ing in a few days on April 23rd and end­ing June 4th. 

Of course, Revenge of the Car­tels will fea­ture an all-new area, unique ene­my types, lim­it­ed-time chal­lenges and bunch­es of new gear to col­lect (includ­ing new Leg­en­daries and Anoint­ments). Maruice’s, the Sauri­an who resides on Sanc­tu­ary III and is study­ing human cus­toms, is again head­ing this upcom­ing event.

Appar­ent­ly, Mau­rice made some poor choic­es and owes mon­ey to Joey Ultra­vi­o­let, the king­pin of the Erid­i­um Car­tel. Your job is to save Mau­rice from what­ev­er fate Joey has for him by fight­ing the king­pin and his gang at the Vil­la Ultraviolet. 

A New Borderlands 3 Seasonal Event is on the Way

Much like oth­er Sea­son­al events in Bor­der­lands 3, Revenge of the Car­tels will have a repeat­able quest (which you get from Mau­rice) that has to be com­plet­ed in order to reach Vil­la Ultra­vi­o­let. Neon-glow­ing Car­tel Oper­a­tives can be found every­where, includ­ing cam­paign add-ons. When you kill an Oper­a­tive, a sig­nal is sent to oth­er gang mem­bers and some Car­tel Thugs will warp in to seek revenge for their fall­en friend.

These Thugs might not be alone, bring­ing with them an Erid­i­um Car­tel Under­boss. These are unique Badass-lev­el ene­mies, belong­ing to one of the Cartel’s three gangs. Once you elim­i­nate the rein­force­ments, you’ll receive Hide­out Coor­di­nates and once you col­lect enough, Mau­rice will open up a por­tal that leads to Vil­la Ultraviolet.

Once you enter Vil­la Ultra­vi­o­let, you’ll have to bat­tle your way through hordes of Erid­i­um Car­tel mem­bers belong­ing to one of three dif­fer­ent gangs. You could encounter the cyborgs of Cryp­toSec, The Burnt Ends debt col­lec­tors or The Pur­pa­tra­tor dust runners.

A New Borderlands 3 Seasonal Event is on the Way

Each group has their own Under­boss that you’ll need to take down, as well as Joey Ultra­vi­o­let him­self. Each gang also has their own Leg­endary loot pool, so mul­ti­ple vis­its to Vil­la Ultra­vi­o­let are rec­om­mend­ed. Once you clear the Vil­la, a dif­fer­ent gang group will take the pre­vi­ous groups place. You’ll nev­er face the same gang twice in a row. 

Revenge of the Cartels Seasonal Rewards

A New Borderlands 3 Seasonal Event is on the Way

Along­side the new loot, this event also has lim­it­ed-time Chal­lenges you can com­plete to earn themed cos­met­ic rewards. There are 18 Chal­lenges total, only avail­able dur­ing the Revenge of the Car­tel event. You’ll col­lect the fol­low­ing items based on how many Chal­lenges you complete:

  • 3 Chal­lenges: ‘VECH-tor Graph­ics’ ECHO Device Skin
  • 6 Chal­lenges: ‘Retro Out­run­ner’ Weapon Trinket
  • 10 Chal­lenges: ‘Framed Fire­wall’ Room Decoration
  • 14 Chal­lenges: ‘Hot­line Pan­do­ra’ Vault Hunter Head
  • 18 Chal­lenges: ‘Death by Fil­i­grees’ Vault Hunter Skin

Source: Gear­box