Tech­land, the devel­op­ers of Dying Light have released a lengthy demo of the open-world zom­bie game. The 90 minute plus video comes straight from their live stream held before Christ­mas where pro­duc­er Tymon Smek­ta­la and lead game design­er Maciej Binkows­ki explain dif­fer­ent aspects of the game. A few high­lights from the video are the expla­na­tion of the RPG lev­el up sys­tem, the types of quest you will encounter and of course the park­our move­ment. Those inter­est­ed in the game should def­i­nite­ly check out the video, but there is also a where Maciej Binkows­ki, the lead game design­er, has answered over 100 ques­tions about the game.

Dying Light is set to release in three weeks on Jan­u­ary 27 for PlaySta­tion 4, Xbox one, and PC